Venture Sustainability

There are multiple ways in which we seek to make sure the projects conducted are sustainable with a most preferred to least preferred outcome on a sliding scale.

Venture Capital Funding

By bringing on investors to our projects there is the greatest chance of ongoing sustainment to the project. VC’s invest only when they recognise potential future upside to their investment and their involvement brings the credibility, contacts, and finances to get the project off the ground and towards a sustainable business.

Handover to next Project Everest Team

Through our formal handover process to ensure the project continues to move towards a sustainable business model. This can be done in country or through technology as required.

Project Everest Full Funding

Occurs if Project Everest believes that the project can have a significant social benefit, the investment can be managed given available resources and there is no VC funding available.

Project Everest Holding Pattern

Ensures a project can be sustained until the next PE team takes over. This can be through hiring local support for the project or designing the project to work in with the seasonal nature of student involvement.

Shut down of Project

Since 9 out of 10 businesses fail within their first 12 months of operation and PE openly practices a Lean Startup approach as it is inevitable that not all projects will work out successfully. Therefore, we seek to replicate projects that have been successful in other countries/markets and gain input from subject matter experts before committing to a project.

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