Score Real World Experience That Makes a Sustainable Difference…all in the Face of a Pandemic.

Join our passionate community of future world leaders and change-drivers by applying your degree to create serious impact.

Sustainable development and career advancement that even COVID can’t stop…

We’re Taking 2020 Into Our Own Hands

Sick of feeling the pressures of a world in need and ready to channel that frustration into effective action? Our community knows that the world’s problems are only going to be solved by jumping straight in and actually making sh*t happen.  

So we’re doing exactly that: virtually, in rural Australia, and beyond.


Get ahead and make a positive difference with
3 unmatched experiences:

Rural Impact Program

Solve pressing social challenges and empower rural communities both virtually AND on our own soil with innovative tech solutions.

2 Weeks |  Regional Australia (Project Dependant)  |  Summer 20-2021

Virtual Impact Program

Drive real social change from the comfort of home by consulting with expert Impact Partner organisations…it’s international development with a serious twist. 

4 Weeks |  Online  |  Summer 20-2021

Global Impact Program

Get a unique travel experience to look forward to post-lockdown that’s unlike any other internship on the planet (we’ve checked!).

4, 8 or 12 Weeks |  Malawi, India, Timor-Lesté, Fiji  | From July 2021

“Being involved with Project Everest Ventures is a life-changing experience that sets a desire to see change in yourself and the world around you.”

Will E.

“I came expecting a 9-5 internship to develop my professional skills in a new environment however what I got was a new family and an opportunity to learn about myself and the world around me. Very grateful and will hold this within me forever.“

– Noah Y.

“An invaluable experience. A forward thinking education and application of knowledge that helps to create an impact on the world.”

– Jess D.

“It's a life-changing experience; not only do you get to make a positive social impact, you get to grow personally and improve your skills while making some great friends.”

– Mel L.

“I joined PEV for the experience and continue to be involved for the people”

– Adam M.

“Empowering, inspiring, uplifting. Makes me realise that young people can and should lead the charge in doing good in this world.”

– Emily C.

“This internship is a unique experience that will enable professional and personal development, all while you work alongside a group of inspirational young adults. I could not recommend PEV more.”

– Elisabeth W.

Industry Experience – Redefined.

Whether you’re out alongside a rural Aussie community, or consulting with a cutting-edge tech partner from the comfort of home, you’re guaranteed to be developing the skills that give you a unique edge as both a student and a grad. 

Put your degree into practice – see how your skills can be applied to shaping sustainable solutions to real world problems.
Tackle a problem you’re passionate about – better than any uni assignment, work on solving a real challenge that actually inspires you and empowers others!
Learn from the best of the best – upskill with masterclasses and mentoring from our expert industry speakers, serial entrepreneurs, and impact partners.
Develop the future-ready skills that employers are craving and kickstart a career that’s both financially and emotionally rewarding before you graduate.
Collaborate with top, like-minded students, building an enviable network of emerging leaders, and making life-long friendships.

Our Innovative Projects are Advancing the UN’s Global Goals

We are partnered with global game-changers who are driving positive impact in ways that are more sustainable, accessible, and exponential than ever before.
No matter what you’re currently studying, these are just some the incredible Impact Partners you could be consulting with

Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) – AgTech

Ensuring global economic empowerment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples whilst safeguarding biodiversity and the horticulture knowledge of the First Nations people.

4Ize – Ophthalmology

Developing an on-the-spot testing and prescription glasses service for Indigenous nations and developing communities, run by local community members with no prior vision testing experience.

PicSeePal – Communication Tech

Global access to affordable and robust AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) devices for non-speaking or communication impaired people.

ArchAngel Imaging  – Shark Management

Implement AI-based tech solutions to conserve and sustain our coastal ecosystems and protected marine life.

"You guys are doing a really good thing because this changes lives"

Seru, Village Pastor | Fiji


"When I discovered Solar my business changed."

Now I’m able to work past sundown and into the night; customers are able to see my stall and they are attracted to it by the lights…With the loan system, I can pay in small installments. This makes solar affordable for everyone. For villagers like me, the solar product is extremely useful. It allows people with no access to electricity to gain access to the social benefits light will bring.”

Gift, local business owner | Malawi


“If it was not of you I would not have achieved what I was aiming for in my business”

Veronica, local business owner | Fiji

“It’s very, very good. I don’t have problems when menstruating anymore, I am very happy!...I can even go to work or church without having problems - I can do everything!"

Maria, on using our menstrual cups | Malawi

Get Involved

We believe that tackling global issues won’t be achieved by doing what’s always been done before…are you up for the challenge?

Apply now for the internship of a lifetime; book in a call to activate your application and start shaping real impact as soon as this Summer!  





But Which Program is Right for Me?

Do you want to channel your passion for sustainability and impact? An internship that supercharges your professional development? A challenge that gets you out of your comfort zone? Either way, we’ve got the program for you…and the quiz to help you decide!

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