Senior Leadership Training

Senior Leadership Training builds upon Team Leaders previous training experiences taken with Project Everest Ventures. It is designed to equip participants with the ability to motivate large teams, move multiple projects forward and ultimately learn how to deliver entirely on the back line, by putting the task and people before yourself.


SLT Immersion (NSW):

May 23 – 24 2020 inclusive.

Workshops (NSW):

March 27 – 29 2020 inclusive.

TLT Immersion (NSW):

Monday 20 April 2020 – Saturday 25 April 2020, inclusive.


Senior Leadership Training is designed to be intense. It is a commitment to furthering the aims of an organisation dedicated to solving some of the world’s most complex issues. It is also a massive commitment to improving participants beyond their current capabilities. Leading multiple teams, a Group of up to 50 personnel, is no small feat. Participants will soon begin to learn that their limits are only those that they set upon themselves.

Leadership is an extraordinary concept. It is the idea of motivating others to align their values and vision with values and a vision you believe in without question. It is the idea of being able to positively instil within others a notion of dedication, the ability to ask the right questions and the capability to remove any barriers that stand in the way of your task and your people. Leadership is about allowing others the autonomy to move freely towards an end goal, providing the ultimate support and guiding each and every person working with you to success. It is about creating, developing and maintaining an environment, that does nothing but allow ideas to flourish and people to thrive. All with you at the hands of the wheel.

Throughout the training, core Senior Leadership modules will be taught that include topics such as social impact, cash & financial modelling, growth hacking, pitch coaching, project scaling, counselling & debriefing, feedback delivery, goal setting, countrywide crisis management and much more.

How It Works

Senior Leadership Training is split into three parts –

Three-day Intensive Workshops (In Adelaide, South Australia)

Two-day Intensive Immersion (In Sydney, New South Wales)
Facilitation of Team Leadership Training and Business Development Training

TLT Immersion (NSW):

Throughout the Immersion, you will have the opportunity to step into the role of Senior Leaders and facilitate various aspects of the Training. Attendance is compulsory. Subsidies for flights are provided.

Trekker Training:
The first opportunity you have performing as a Senior Leader will be at Trekker Training. You have experienced this yourself – this time you’re behind the scene – responsible for the event with the massive support and guidance of the Project Everest Ventures team.

Cost: Project Everest Ventures is committed to illustrating our investment in our most dedicated people. Therefore, we only ask that costs are covered. The total is AUD$890.

Please note that flights to and from each state are not included.

Project: If offered employment as a Senior Leader, accommodation, food, visas, insurance, resources in country are all included. You are paid a wage of AUD$3,570 for your time in country.

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