Pre-Departure Training

An introductory training day which introduces students to all relevant material they will apply while in country



7 November 2020

1000 – 1600 AEST

All students participating in a Project Everest Ventures internship are required to attend a Pre-Departure training session. During this session, you’ll get to meet your team and some of your leaders, while learning all of the core concepts that you’ll apply every day while overseas.

This training walks students through core methodologies surrounding business, crisis management and project development. In true PEV fashion, the training incorporates immersive teaching applications to ensure students are able to apply everything they learn into practice. Pre-Departure is you’ll first experience Project X, which aims to improve students personal development while building up the career profile to make employers fight over them.

Pre-Departure training provides you with the opportunity to engage with your team members and leaders while learning critical information surrounding the country and project you’ll be working on. This will be your best opportunity to ask any questions you may have before travelling overseas!

The training is held at venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The dates for Pre-Departure training are dependent on the month students are going overseas. The day is fully catered with dietary requirements taken into consideration.

Pre-departure training is run approximately one month prior to the commencement of the project, acting as the first half of student training before beginning their internship, and is compulsory for all students. The training walks students through core methodologies surrounding business and startups, crisis management and project development. The nature of the pre-departure training is ideal for students intending to commit their time to a month-long project in a developing country. The focus is constantly on the personal development of the student while balancing the information necessary to communicate to ensure their safety, security, and success in their country of placement. The session runs for one day which typically begins early Saturday morning; students are expected to arrive at 7:30 am. Students leave at approximately 6 pm on the same day – this accuracy depends on the timings of the day. Every effort is made to stay on these timings as we understand students have transport needs and other commitments. Team Leaders and staff are the first to arrive and last to leave the venue. The venues are based in either Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. The venues are selected based on their comfort, suitability and cost. Traditionally, in Sydney we use YMCA in Olympic Park and Nunyara in Belair for the Sydney and Adelaide venues, respectively. These venues are within an hours drive from the city and have received positive feedback regarding the rooms and food provided. The day is fully catered, the food depends on the venue’s menu – however every effort is made to ensure students are well fed with nutritious and large portioned meals. Students are required to declare food allergies and other medical requirements prior to the pre-departure weekend and are accommodated for.

Typical topics covered throughout the day include:

  • Expectations
  • Social Business
  • Lean Canvas
  • Exponential Technology
  • Project Process
  • Crisis Management
  • Team Building
  • Personal and Professional Development through Project X
  • Practical Scenarios
  • Presentation Skills
  • Country Time (learn about project and country while meeting their leaders)

The accommodation, food, resources, and training provided is covered by the Project fee. Additional to Pre-Departure training, the students experience In-Country Induction which acts as the second half of the preparation training for students. This is held on the first day of the internship and acts as both a refresher of Pre-Departure but also an introduction to new concepts to further prepare them. The refresher component focuses on business models and lean canvas, as well as crisis management. While the new concepts include Empathy, Design Thinking & Team Management workshops as well as a country-specific culture introduction. The culture presentation is delivered by senior leaders who have operated for a number of months in the country as well as locals who act as stakeholders or interns with Project Everest Ventures. The session runs for one day which typically begins at 9 am and runs until 4:30 pm – this accuracy depends on the timings of presentations. The venues are dependent on the country but are normally held at the project accommodation. The day is fully catered with local chefs cooking local cuisine and dietary requirements accommodated for.

Typical topics covered throughout the day include:

  • Finding their ‘Why’ – Personal Development
  • Country Information – Logistics
  • House Operations
  • Representing PEV
  • Culture
  • Design Thinking
  • Empathy Workshop
  • Lean Canvas & Business Models
  • Crisis Management & CASEVAC Procedure
  • Team Time
  • CASEVAC Drills

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