Team Leadership Training

Established over 5 years ago, we have struggled to find any other leadership training course that compares to ours. Set in a simulated foreign country, the 7 day experiential based immersive period is designed to build your emotional intelligence, resilience, adaptability and skills in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and crisis management.

Our training is tough and rigorous and enables you to feel first hand what it’s like to lead others in a foreign environment. It is designed to challenge you to work entirely outside your comfort levels and to equip you with the necessary tools for success. Our curriculum is generated through combining techniques and approaches from the Australian Military and leading business owners from across the globe. It is this unique combination approach that allows what you learn to be applicable to real world contexts.

Through establishing a world class open and supportive environment, our training is geared to facilitate the discovery of your particular style of leadership and to equip you with the right tools to succeed in multi-faceted business contexts.

If you meet a certain performance level throughout your training, you may be offered a position as a Team Leader with Project Everest™ Ventures, seeing yourself lead a team of 4 – 14 students on a Social Venture Project or Working Experiment for an early stage business

Our Leadership Training is like no other leadership training in Australia. We provide the opportunity to lead your own team of University students in the field; where you are responsible for their success and welfare. Our Leadership Training is focused on building skills in emotional intelligence, business, social business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. There is no leadership opportunity like this in Australia.

Our curriculum is generated through combining techniques and approaches from the Australian Military in addition to multiple international leading sources. While there is a military influence, it is far enough removed to be relevant and applicable to the real world. We gear the training to facilitate the discovery of your own style of leadership, while equipping you with the tools and methods to succeed in a supportive and open environment.

As a Team Leader, you lead a team of 5 – 9 students on an International Project. There are opportunities to continue your training to advance to the Second in Charge (2IC) or Group Leader (GL) role on Project. In these senior roles, the team you lead increases significantly, in addition to your responsibility, and ability to create impact on the ground.

Our Leadership Training has four core components, and is available for those who excel on their Project Everest Project:
1.    Project Leadership
2.    People Leadership
3.    Personal Leadership
4.    Pressure Leadership

The Leadership Training involves a 5-day intensive immersive training (Immersion), with additional Workshops run on a weekly basis for the following four weeks post Immersion.


Immersion Date: 

Saturday 15 September 2018 – Friday 21 September 2018, inclusive.

Workshops (NSW):

Dates for Workshops are as follows – remote applicants will have remote options.

Date Time

Monday 1st October 2018 

Monday 8th October 2018  1730-2100
Monday 15th October 2018  1730-2100
Monday 22nd October 2018 1730-2100

Workshops (SA):

Dates for Workshops are as follows:

Date Time

Friday 12th October 2018


Saturday 13th October 2018


Trekker Training:

The first opportunity you have performing as a Team Leader will be at Trekker Training. You have experienced this yourself – this time you’re behind the scene – responsible for the event with the massive support and guidance of the Project Everest team.


Business Skills & Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills

Preparing you with a business mindset, you have access to personnel that have been working in or with start ups for years. We have a heavy focus on preparing businesses for venture capital raising, lean startup methods, marketing & growth hacking and scaling up. We are open to innovation and improvement on every level and welcome your influence.

Increased Employability

Completing a Project Everest™ Ventures Project is an impressive challenge, prospective employers search for indications of soft skills which are demonstrated exclusively through experience. Your position as a Team Leader elevates this statement. Employers want to see your ability to take responsibility, motivate yourself and others, project manage, communicate effectively, make decisions and solve problems, and work in a team structure. This also transfers to self-awareness, belief in capacity, resilience, preparedness, frugality, and the priceless ability to maintain humour during hardship.

Community Support

Project Everest™ Ventures considers each of our participants a member of our team, you know that from Trekking, you would have noticed the bond Leaders have developed, that bond and mateship continues to grow as you train and develop together. Project Everest™ Ventures has a vision for creating impact in communities, students, and cross-cultural links. This vision is global, and extends far beyond the month-long Project you’ve completed, or Team Leadership. We currently operate in four countries, Timor-Lesté, Cambodia, Fiji and Malawi, facilitating students based in Singapore and Australia, and this is just the beginning. We are looking to India and the U.K in 2018. As we look to expand, we will look to our Leaders to take up those roles and influence that direction – we provide this opportunity to university students, nowhere else will you find this responsibility, trust, or opportunity.

Leadership Skills

You will be training in deeply simulated scenarios where you will discover how to influence your immediate reaction to situations, how to manage a team with consideration of their personalities, goals, and limitations. How to make effective and timely decisions, respond to a crisis, mentor and counsel an individual and a team, improve your communication skills, verbal and physical. Emotional Intelligence is ranked above intelligence quotient in what employers look for in a candidate.

Practical Experience

Leadership training is 90% practical based, simulated in a foreign country context, designed to challenge you to adapt and illustrate resilience and stability under pressure. You will physically move about in a simulated foreign environment and be required to respond to issues as they present themselves to you over the course of the immersion. Generally, 40 facilitators are present to make this happen and they are all present solely to get you ready for project.

Development Support

Experienced facilitation and delivery by trainers who have extensive experience in-country and from the Australian Military. Your trainers have a combined 30+ years experience doing what they are doing and are geared towards making sure you trained beyond the level we expect of any person wishing to step into the role of a Team Leader. The support they offer you is unprecedented and probably unheard of throughout any other training you have experienced in this field.

Three-Part Approach

Team Leadership Training is split into three (3) parts:

1. Immersion Period Training (7 Days)

2. Workshop Training (Weekly)

3. International Leadership Placement (4 week long placement)*

What Happens During the Immersive Period Training?

The Leadership Training is intense, challenging, and transformative. It will get you out of your comfort zone in an environment that is unexpected, turbulent, supportive and geared at your personal and professional development. All facilities and resources required are onsite, with time allocated between covering theoretical aspects of Leadership, bonding with the other Leaders in your cohort, and practical scenarios. Everything you learn is implemented, facilitated closely by Project Everest™ Ventures staff, trainers, and previous Leaders. The purpose of the Immersive Period Training is to get you ready to lead a real time business venture, illustrating to you the importance of staying focused and having the ability to influence your team to drive towards one crucial goal.

Dates: Saturday 15 September 2018 – Friday 21 September 2018, inclusive.

We can provide a support letter outlining the value of the Training for students to apply for special consideration. We recognise there may be some overlap, it’s your responsibility to approach your subject coordinator and pitch the value of this training to allow for consideration, this has been done multiple times previously and has not been an issue.

Time: Sunrise to Sunset.

Location: TBA a minimum of 3 days prior to the Immersion Period Training commencing – within two hours of Sydney CBD – remote applicants will be required to travel to Sydney. Yes, we already know of the location and yes, we are holding it on purpose.

* You being able to complete this component is completely dependent on two factors and any offer of place to undertake Team Leadership Training does not mean you will be offered a place as a Team Leader. The two factors are:

1. Your performance during the Immersion Period Training

2. The operational requirements for Project Everest™ Ventures

We value and invest in our Leaders. Should you continue your training and return as an experienced Team Leader, Second in Charge, or Group Leader, we pay you a wage.


Accredited Team Leadership Training: AUD$5, 990 (incl. GST)

Non-Accredited Team Leadership Training: AUD$4, 190* (incl. GST)

*A $400 discount applies to applicants who have been on Project with Project Everest in the last 12 months.

This fee includes all costs associated with the Leadership Training Immersion and Workshops. This includes your project fee.

Additionally, while you’re on Project as a Leader, your meals, transport, Project related resources, and accommodation are paid for by Project Everest.



The leadership training with Project Everest is one of the most unique experiences an individual can go through. My outlook on tasks and life in general now has completely changed. I now have a better understanding of the incredibly broad scope of issues that can arise in any situation, and how to deal with them. You are put in a position that you could not EVER pre-conceive. That discomfort is what you feel in real pressure situations and to now understand techniques on how to mitigate these issues is invaluable. Isaac Crawford

September 2017

Project Everest staff exceeded my highest expectations. The level of care and detail that is put into developing leaders is something I’ve never experienced. The emphasis on people is unmatched, TLT immersion training pushed me to my edge and I felt I’ve grown more than any other experience. This company prides itself on people and it reflects in the business heavily, nothing I believe comes close to the experiences that you develop and the personal growth you achieve when coming onboard as a Project Everest Leader.
Olivia Hendy

September 2017

Project “Never-Rest” Everest has a core foundation of absolute and unwavering commitment to both it’s people and solving some of the world’s toughest challenges through lean social enterprise. The truly remarkable individuals of this outstanding team are the best at what they do.

My own journey with Project Everest has been nothing but life changing. Personal development with positive and sustainable impact doesn’t scrape the surface on what you can achieve with others in this incredible team.

Do your future self a favour and get involved! Nick Kerr

April 2016

It’s time to make your move.

You can submit an application for Team Leadership Training, all year round.