Team Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training is like no other leadership training in Australia. We provide the opportunity to lead your own team of University students in the field; where you are responsible for their success and welfare. Our Leadership Training is focused on building skills in emotional intelligence, business, social business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. There is no leadership opportunity like this in Australia.

Our curriculum is generated through combining techniques and approaches from the Australian Military in addition to multiple international leading sources. While there is a military influence, it is far enough removed to be relevant and applicable to the real world. We gear the training to facilitate the discovery of your own style of leadership, while equipping you with the tools and methods to succeed in a supportive and open environment.

As a Team Leader, you lead a team of 5 – 9 students on an International Project. There are opportunities to continue your training to advance to the Second in Charge (2IC) or Group Leader (GL) role on Project. In these senior roles, the team you lead increases significantly, in addition to your responsibility, and ability to create impact on the ground.

Our Leadership Training has four core components, and is available for those who excel on their Project Everest Project:
1.    Project Leadership
2.    People Leadership
3.    Personal Leadership
4.    Pressure Leadership

The Leadership Training involves a 5-day intensive immersive training (Immersion), with additional Workshops run on a weekly basis for the following four weeks post Immersion.


Immersion Date: 

Thursday 21st September 2017 – Tuesday 26th September 2017 inclusive


Tuesday 19th September 2017 1030-1830
Tuesday 3rd October 2017 1800-2130
Tuesday 10th October 2017 1800-2130
Tuesday 17th October 2017 1800-2130
Admin Workshop* 1800-2130.

Trekker Training:
The first opportunity you have performing as a Team Leader will be at Trekker Training. You have experienced this yourself – this time you’re behind the scene – responsible for the event with the massive support and guidance of the Project Everest team.

What is the value?

This will develop through knowledge of your preparation, and will strengthen once you return from leading your team of University students on Project. You’re developing your personal brand and your professional portfolio, while creating genuine impact.
You will discover how to influence your immediate reaction to situations, how to manage a team with consideration of their personalities, goals and limitations. How to make effective and timely decisions, respond to a crisis, mentor and counsel an individual and a team, improve your communication skills verbal and physical. Emotional Intelligence is ranked above intelligence quotient in what employers look for in a candidate.

Completing a Project Everest Project is an impressive challenge, prospective employers search for indications of soft skills which are demonstrated exclusively through experience. Your position as a Leader elevates this statement. Employers want to see your ability to take responsibility, motivate yourself and others, project manage, communicate effectively, make decisions and solve problems, and work in a team structure.

Project Everest prepares you with comprehensive and practical business and social business understanding. There is a heavy focus on Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Lean Start Up Methods, the Business Model Canvas, and methodologies such as Scaling Up.
Project Everest considers each of our participants a member of our team. We have a shared vision for creating impact in communities, students and cross-cultural links. This vision is global, and extends far beyond the month long Project, or Team Leadership. We currently operate in four countries, East Timor, Cambodia, Fiji and Uganda, facilitating students based in Singapore and Australia and this is just the beginning.

We value and invest in our Leaders. Should you continue your training and return as an experienced Team Leader, Second in Charge, or Group Leader, we pay you a wage.


Cost: AUD$2,890

A $200 discount applies to applicants who have been on Project with Project Everest in the last 12 months.

This fee includes all costs associated with the Leadership Training Immersion and Workshops. This includes your project fee.

Additionally, while you’re on Project as a Leader, your meals, transport, Project related resources, and accommodation are paid for by Project Everest.


“I’ve never encountered an organisation that has put me so far out of my comfort zone whilst making the experience and enjoyable learning experience. Would recommend 10/10.” – April 2016

“Such an extraordinarily difficult but fun program. Such a booster to my confidence and public speaking abilities. It would definitely benefit those that want to take on leadership roles, as well as those who want a change or challenge.” – April 2016

“It was an awesome way to improve my leadership abilities, improve my confidence and also meet some amazing people. It tested me emotionally and physically in ways that allowed me to understand what I’m capable of.” – April 2016

“Because regardless of what you’re trying to make of your life, this WILL help improve you. Everyone should challenge themselves in this way, and if we had people learning the stuff we do here, we could create change like the world has never seen. I legitimately believe this, and that is why I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.” – April 2016

“Such an extraordinarily difficult but fun program. Such a booster to my confidence and public speaking abilities. It would definitely benefit those that want to take on leadership roles, as well as those who want a change or challenge.” – April 2016

It’s time to make your move.

You can submit an application for Team Leadership Training, all year round.