Online Interview Process

To participate you will be required for a 1.5 – 2 hour online interview [powered by Breezy], if you are successful, there will be two days of training which will also serve as a vetting process. Our online interview process is exceptional, and absolutely the way to innovate and ensure applicants get the time they need to genuinely convey their skills and personality. You are able to re-record for the first question, then you lose that ability – we want to see you as you are.

You are required to be studying tertiary education to apply, however what we are looking for is more concerning your aptitude, attitude, and ability.

We want self-motivated, flexible, resilient, humorous and hard working students.

You will need a computer with audio, visual, webcam, and a reliable internet connection. Your responses will be recorded via image and audio and text. You will be prompted via video, audio and text on screen.

You will receive an email outlining how to prepare, then another with a link to access the interview, and an email to remind you before the time you may complete the interview lapses.

Ensure you have a detailed look at the Projects, and what interests you. Do not choose your venture by destination.

We encourage you to research the Sustainable Development Goals, Design Thinking, Exponential Technology, IBM Watson, the state of each of the country you are interested in, and the concept of Social Business.

Outline of the Online Interview:

  • Documents outlining the Leadership structure, timeline of opportunity with Project Everest, the importance of resilience, and critical information.
  • Introduction to the online interview process.
  • Information about Project Everest – purpose and future [Carrot video].
  • Information about the character and values of Project Everest.
  • Information and a task to outline the importance of aligning your ‘why’, with your ‘what’ and ‘how’.
  • Test where you sit on a practical or moral based timeline.
  • A task to test your understanding of Design Thinking.
  • Test your understanding of the United Nations Development Goals.
  • Quiz to understand your personality type.
  • Test your understanding of exponential technology.
  • Test your understanding of social business.
  • A task to test your understanding of The Internet of Things.
  • A surprise task to test your agility, creativity, and wit.

How to Prepare:

  • Know why you want to get involved with Project Everest.
  • Know what motivates you personally and professionally.
  • Know what Project you would say is your first, second, and third preference [on the website].
  • Know what countries we operate in, and have a preference [on the website].
  • Know what dates we operate, and have a preference [on the website].
  • Speak to your family to ensure they are aware and are supportive.
  • Look into what credit and grants are available through your University to support your application [on the website].
  • Understand the Trekker Training commitments [on the website].
  • Understand the cost and price options for Project [on the website].
  • Understand what the cost covers and what it does not cover [on the website].

We encourage you to do as much research as possible surrounding your preferred project.

How to know if you were successful?

You will receive the outcome of your online interview and application via email during the allocated notification time of 1400 AEST Wednesday weekly. This will occur each week on a Friday. Please give 7 – 14 days to receive your outcome, we want to allow adequate time to assess applicants thoroughly.

Once you have received your outcome email, you will have 24 hours to accept your offer.

Register for an interview here.

If you want to understand why we have an online interview – look into exponential technology!


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