How to get involved

Express your interest

Pop down some basic information about yourself to let us know you are interested in being involved and that you would like some more information.

Let’s chat

Once we have your details we will give you a call to see if there are any questions we can answer and how you can be involved in one of our projects.

Fill out an online application

Once you have figured out how you want to be involved, fill out an online application to tell us a bit more about yourself and why you want to be involved.

Attend an interview

Once your online application has been assessed we may ask you to attend an online interview to figure out how we can work together and for us to get to know you better.

For more information on our online interview please head here.

Application is assessed by our team

After we have your personal details and what project you want to be involved in, our team will assess your application to determine if you are the right fit for our projects.


If your application is successful you will receive an offer from one of our team to work on one of our projects. These offers do expire due to the highly competitive nature of our projects so the team will require you to confirm your offer shortly after receiving it.

Mid-Year Applications Key Dates 2018

Invite Only Round

Applications Open: 11th December

Applications Close: 4th March

Interviews: 8th – 10th March

Application Results: 12th & 13th March

Early Bird Round

Applications Open: 11th December

Applications Close: 18th March

Interviews: 21st – 24th March

Application Results: 26th- 28th March

Main Round

Applications Open: 11th December

Applications Close: 8th April

Interviews: 9th – 14th April

Application Results: 12th-17th April