Learning Outcomes

Project Everest Ventures solves social issues in developing countries using enterprise and thus we see investment in student participants, and our whole organisation, as the foundation of this strategic purpose. In practical application Project Everest Ventures is largely a training organisation developing socially aware, entrepreneurially focused team members whom can operate effectively in an environment of uncertainty, chaos, and friction.

Therefore, Project Everest Ventures invests more in its participants than any other organisation in the landscape. During the period of January 2017 to February 2019, we spent over $250,000 on training and invested over $300,000 in our leadership team. Supporting this is a strong training continuum focused on achieving a plethora of student outcomes across the methodologies/areas depending on the training the student has received.

The educational outcomes students can expect to attain are detailed below. These are learnt during our pieces of training and placement as either Team Leaders, Business Consultants or Senior Leaders.

Personal Leadership/Self-Development

  • Effectively reflect on your Personal Leadership Philosophy and its applications for providing metric based growth to your leadership.

People Engagement

  • Identify own and others personality, strengths and weaknesses and how they can be used to contribute to team outcomes
  • Positively contribute to team assessment and conflict resolution
  • Participate in coaching and mentoring through formal and informal debriefing
  • Effectively be able to deliver critical feedback while also creating appropriate action based outcomes to improve on the feedback.
  • Understand basic level mental health first aid and be confident in handling events of that nature

Crisis Management

  • Able to effectively apply risk management practices to ensure their own safety and that of their fellow team members
  • Able to effectively implement risk management practices to support successful outcomes in the event of an in-country emergency response
  • Able to interpret and apply CASEVAC procedure

Community Engagement and Cultural Collaboration

  • Demonstrate cultural awareness of the country of operation
  • Adapt to cultural engagements in a manner that demonstrates sensitivity and respect
  • Engage collaboratively with stakeholders to enable positive outcomes

Product Development

  • Effectively assess product features and feedback derived from customer segments
  • Apply an amalgamation of design thinking, sustainable engineering and business methodologies to develop minimum viable products

Design Thinking Methodology

  • Effectively understand and implement the design thinking process within a business environment
  • Co-ordinate personal task management in delivering design thinking outputs within a team environment
  • Effectively contribute to team orientated design thinking discussion and activities whilst in country

Business Methodology

  • Understand all aspects of the Business Model Canvas and the individual sections relevance to the business
  • Be able to contribute effectively in a team environment towards sustainable business outcomes
  • Understand business models and pathways to scale in order to prepare an enterprise for venture funding within a team environment

Lean Start-Up Methodology

  • Understand the Lean Canvas and to be able to create validation experiments and set up appropriate feedback loops
  • Utilise the Lean Canvas to have foresight for social business and progress it towards commercialisation

Scaling Up Methodology

  • Effectively participate in methods of scaling up ventures to produce consistent outcomes at a team level, this involves understanding the use of and achieving determined KPIs and being able to measure their effectiveness to drive outcomes.
  • Understand the concept of ‘pitching’ for funds from external providers including banks, venture capital, and debt providers and be able to effectively contribute to a pitch within a team environment

Social Impact

  • Appropriately identify and harness disruption and disruptive Business Models
  • Drive social value sustainably within a business framework
  • Assess ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ impact not just in terms of a product but the entire service and business operations

Product Sales

  • Understand the importance and application of sales pipelines in all products
  • Effectively assess strengths and weaknesses in a pipeline and create strategies to improve
  • Deliver sales coaching for students to pitch a product with passion and confidence

Growth Hacking

  • Harness the five metrics that matter in a business
  • Generate customer traction using Lean Branding
  • Achieve growth through value led marketing
  • Utilise sales methodologies to ensure strong relationships with key stakeholders

Pitch coaching

  • Utilise IP protection to secure the team’s efforts on a project
  • Development of effective and professional investment pitches and pitch decks
  • Confidence in public speaking to gain investment through capital raising

Exponential Technology

  • Understand principles of exponential technologies
  • Able to apply exponential technologies to ventures created through Project Everest Ventures in a team environment

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