Introducing Project Everest Base Camp, a virtual platform where Trekkers, Team Leaders, Second in Charge, Group Leaders, consultants, alumni, and staff can discuss, collaborate and further develop the Project Everest projects into thriving, scalable and, most importantly, socially beneficial ventures.

For some time, Project Everest has had issues with the exchange of information between teams and alumni who have worked on our projects. We’ve relied on static handover documents, which up until recently, have lacked a consistent structure.

With the Project Everest Base Camp, powered by Crowdicity, we now have a virtual workspace to collaborate and build some incredible social enterprises. Alumni will especially be encouraged to provide commentary on new ideas posted by Trekkers throughout the course of their time in-country so ventures can benefit from their experience.

Each prospective venture will be allocated a page within the “Projects” space on the platform. Teams looking for advice on a given idea should post the idea in the relevant project and ask for advice by tagging users.

By exploring the platform, you’ll all be able to see ways in which you can interact with challenges, submit new ideas, and collaborate on the development of what will hopefully immensely successful social businesses.

You will gain access to this virtual workspace as an element of your Trekker role.

By removing the physical barriers that inhibit internal communication, Crowdicity has huge advantages over meetings, emails and phone calls. It is dynamic, inclusive and fun to use. Crowdicity makes ideas manageable, transparent and permanent, making the innovation faster and more effective.

Introducing Crowdicity in 90 seconds

The value to crowdsourcing concepts

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