Work in a developing area collaborating with local communities to establish real social ventures aimed at solving complex issues. Implement design thinking, business and lean canvas innovative methodologies pulled together from leading resources around the world. It’s time we learnt that social change comes when communities are vested in the change themselves. So their involvement is crucial to the process. They’ll bring the culture and context and you’ll bring the education and execution.

Training is an incredibly passionate area for Project Everest Ventures. We currently offer Team Leadership Training, Business Development Training, Senior Leadership Training as our main efforts of training students. We also offer a Pre-Departure Training for students participating as ‘Trekkers’. These pieces of training are experiential which ensure participants learn and apply skills they will carry with them for the rest of their life. We run these trainings twice a year midway through University Semester 1 & 2.


Our Training

Pre-Departure Training

All students participating in a Project Everest Ventures internship are required to attend a Pre-Departure training session. During this session, you’ll get to meet your team and some of your leaders, while learning all of the core concepts that you’ll apply every day while overseas.

Business Development Training

Business development training is taking your passion for what you have worked on in country and advancing it through to commercialisation. This is about learning from the best and applying it to social outcomes. It is for those who want to get serious about impact and are willing to make it happen for the communities and also for their own future. The standards are tough but they are achievable.

Team Leadership Training

Established over 5 years ago, we have struggled to find any other leadership training course that compares to ours. Set in a simulated foreign country, the 7 day experiential based immersive period is designed to build your emotional intelligence, resilience, adaptability and skills in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and crisis management.

Senior Leadership Training

Senior Leadership Training builds upon Team Leaders previous training experiences taken with Project Everest Ventures. It is designed to equip participants with the ability to motivate large teams, move multiple projects forward and ultimately learn how to deliver entirely on the back line, by putting the task and people before yourself.

Learning Outcomes

Project Everest Ventures solves social issues in developing countries using enterprise and thus we see investment in student participants, and our whole organisation, as the foundation of this strategic purpose. In practical application Project Everest Ventures is largely a training organisation developing socially aware, entrepreneurially focused team members whom can operate effectively in an environment of uncertainty, chaos, and friction.