It is no hidden fact that this world is in great need of some true leaders. Luckily, for both you and I, leadership can be trained. Project Everest’s Team Leadership Training truly teaches you what a leader is, and more importantly you learn how to be the best leader you can be. Forget about trying to fill the shoes of who you think is a leader. Project Everest’s training is designed to bring out the leadership qualities within you. This is what I love most; you can add YOU to leadership because at the end of the day who wants a leader that is trying to be someone they’re not. People will respect you more for it. When you have respect from your team that is when you can give yourself a sly pat on the back because that is when you know you have earnt your teams trust. No leader is the same, and nor should they be.

Right now you’re probably thinking, who is this chick and who is she to tell me what a leader is. Well, you’re right. I’m not an expert in leadership, in fact I’m still learning myself. I am currently nearing the end of completing my leadership training with Project Everest. Oh, what a rollercoaster it has been. In these past weeks I have not only experienced a massive learning curve but I have established a stronger sense of self (corny but true).

I think most of my cohort would agree that the central developmental part of this is the immersion week. It is like no other week you have had in your life. During this week you will feel like you are in a whole other universe. You are pushed to your limits until your limits grow further and further away as you overcome hurdles (emotionally, intellectually and physically) that you didn’t think were possible. I’m not going to lie, it was f*cking hard. Then again, if leadership was easy everyone would already be a leader, and we know that’s certainly not the case.

Despite how challenging this immersion week was I would do it all again. I have never loved being pushed out of my comfort zone so much. At the end of this week you feel confident in your ability and the new skills you have learnt. So much so, that you will feel equipped to take on any adversity. Simply put, you feel equipped to tackle life. I would recommend this training to anyone that is wanting to develop themselves or is wanting to help others advance themselves. After all, a true leader sets those around them up for success. That is why this training has the potential to create enormous positive social changes.

Project Everest truly does build leaders. I never saw myself as a person that had the confidence or influence to lead; let’s just say I wasn’t born a leader. My journey to leadership didn’t just begin when I commenced the team leadership training program, it all started when I went to Fiji as a trekker. In country, your team leaders help you learn the qualities of leadership without you even realising. What makes Project Everest great is the people you are lead by and the people you are leading with. We are all leaders in our own unique ways, so we learn from each other. The fact that you are facing these challenges with such competent and caring people makes it one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

I can’t wait to continue my leadership journey and I hope I have encouraged you to start yours!

Caitlin Bloor
Fuel Assessment – Fiji – January 2017
Bachelor of Communications (Journalism & Social and Political Sciences) + Bachelor of Creative Intelligence & Innovation, UTS

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