We could try to explain all of the little things that make up what we do with our ventures, our training and our community, but who has the time for that? We certainly don’t.

So here are the most important details that you should know.

Project Dates

Your internship in-country will last for either 4, 8, or 12 weeks, subject to project availability.


Winter Project Dates

JULY 19 PROJECTS            
1 July – 27 July 19   

Summer Project Dates

25 November – 21 December 18 

JANUARY 19 PROJECTS            

02 January – 29 January 19 

FEBRUARY 19 PROJECTS            
31 January – 27 February 19   

2018 Training Dates

South Australia

December 2018 Cohort: 19 October 2018, 0730 – approx. 1830.

January/February 2018 Cohort: 18 November 2018, 0730 – approx. 1830.

New South Wales

December 2018 Cohort: 27 October 2018, 0730 – approx. 1830.

January/February 2018 Cohort: 16 November 2018, 0730 – approx. 1830.

Countries We Operate

The countries we are working in are continuously assessed for safety and venture feasibility. We design projects the needs of the local community to ensure that a long term and ongoing sustainable impact can be achieved.


  • FarmEd
  • Social Consulting/Microfinance
  • Sustainable Fuel Consulting


  • Health Consulting
  • FarmEd
  • Social Consulting/Microfinance
  • Solar Consulting

Timor Leste

  • Everest Recycling Solutions
  • Solar Consulting
  • FarmEd

Coming on Project

If you undertake an internship with us, you will be working in a team of 6-8 other trekkers (other awesome students like you) to work on the development of a particular venture. You’ll have a highly trained team leader whose focus will be on facilitating the project growth and the wellbeing of the team, as well as a Group Leader and 2IC (second-in-charge) to manage the group as a whole.


If you get to the end of project and are begging for more, there are a number of pathways available to keep involved with PE Ventures, your project, and to further your personal development into leadership or business consulting.