Terms and Conditions of Services

Our Agreements, Policies, Code of Conduct and other terms and conditions work for you and for us, making sure we both know our obligations to each other and what each party is responsible or liable for in different circumstances. You can access copies of these agreements, policies, code of conduct and all the other fun legal stuff below.

Impact Program or Training Courses

You can access copies of our Program Agreements for both our Global or Australian Impact Program, our Virtual Impact Program, and our Leadership Training Courses by clicking any of the buttons below.

Program/Training Inclusions & Exclusions

This page outlines what is and isn’t included in your Program or Training course, along with the associated fees. This is the page referred to in some of the Program or Training Agreements.

Other Terms & Conditions

You can access other Terms & Conditions referenced in each of the Program or Training Agreements as listed below. These include things like our Payment Terms, Insurance Info and Conditions related to Flight Vouchers & First Aid Courses. And our website terms and conditions are here too.

Various Policies

You can access our various policies, such as those relating to privacy, our Code of Conduct, media guidelines & diversity and inclusion.