Payment Terms

You can have a read of our Payment Terms below. That way, we are all on the same page from the get go.
  1. General
    1. All invoices issued by XYZ For Good Pty Ltd T/A Project Everest Ventures (“Project Everest Ventures”) are subject to the following payment terms.
  2. Due Dates
    1. All invoices issued are due and payable on the date reflected as the due date on the invoice sent to your nominated email address.
    2. Most invoices that are issued are due and payable within 1, 14 or 21 day(s) from the issue date.
    3. All services require full payment to be made before we provide the service, unless negotiated with us.
  3. Payment Methods
    1. Invoices totalling less than AUD$6,000 are to be paid by credit card, debit card, direct deposit or direct debit, through our website ( or or by accessing the payment methods through the online invoice we send you.
    2. Invoices totalling AUD$6,000 or more are to be paid via direct debit or direct deposit into the nominated bank account listed on the invoice, or through our website.
    3. Invoices totalling AUD$6,000 or more that wish to be filled via credit card or debit card will be charged a surcharge of 1.75%. We do not charge a surcharge for invoices filled via credit card or debit card that amount to below AUD$6,000.
    4. We accept mastercard and visa only.
  4. Deposits
    1. Some of our Service Agreements dictate that you must pay us a deposit, usually 10%-20% of the full price.
    2. All deposits are due and payable within 24 hours of any offer of service made to you where the service required you to go through an application process. These services generally include, but are not limited to: Social Venture Project Internship Program; Business Development Training Program; Team Leadership Training Program; Senior Leadership Training Program.
    3. To the extent permitted by law, deposits paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Variations
    1. All Variation Requests must be submitted to us in writing, at [email protected].
    2. A Variation Request is only approved once approval is received by us in writing and you have paid any fees in full.
    3. We will not charge any additional fees if we approve your Variation Request within 7 days of you paying us your deposit.
    4. For any Variation requests approved 7 days after paying your deposit, we will charge a base fee of AUD$99 plus any other fees as listed here.
  6. Cancellations

    1. Cancellations of any service by you can be made by putting in a request to cancel your service to us in writing.
    2. Cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement executed by you.
    3. Penalties generally apply for cancellation of services.
  7. Late Payments
    1. We may apply a late payment fee to your invoice at our absolute discretion if you fail to pay to us any amounts owed by the due date.
    2. Late payment fees can generally be avoided by re-negotiating the due date, in advance of the due date or entering into a payment plan.
    3. For invoices and accounts overdue by 5 days, we will apply a standard late payment fee of AUD$150.
    4. For invoices and accounts overdue by 30 days, we will apply a further late payment fee of AUD$300.
    5. Interest on any overdue invoice may accrue at a rate equal to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s current cash rate, plus 8% per annum, compounding daily and calculated monthly.
  8. Payment Plans
    1. Payment plans are offered by us through our website.
    2. Payment plans can be set up through our website and must be set up prior to the invoice due date.
    3. Payment plans cannot be entered into after the due date of the invoice has passed without re-negotiating the terms of your invoice with us. We may charge an additional fee for you entering into a payment plan with us after the invoice due date.
    4. If you fail to adhere to your payment plan or are unable to continue making payments as per the terms of your payment plan, you must re-negotiate the terms of your payment plan with us.
  9. Unpaid Invoices
    1. We will generously work with you to establish payment terms that work for you, as long as you engage with us in a timely manner to do so. We generally allow our customers to enter into terms with us in ‘good faith,’ which means that we do not generally conduct credit checks before providing negotiated terms on payments.
    2. If you do not engage with us if your invoice becomes due and payable, we reserve the right to cancel your service in accordance with the Service Agreement executed by you. Please note that, depending on the terms of the Service Agreement, liquidated damages may apply in the event of cancellation, including loss of opportunity caused by you, to us.
    3. In the event that we have agreed to provide a service to you before full payment is made and you fail to make payment in line with the negotiated terms, we reserve the right to pursue the collection of the unpaid debt through any lawful means as we see fit. 
  10. Enquiries
    1. Should you have any enquiries on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].