Solar Consulting

Solar Consulting aims to enable off-the-grid, household access to reliable and efficient alternative energy through small scale solar solutions.



Sustainable Development Goal Targeted: Affordable and clean energy.

Solar Consulting aims to address several issues in emerging economies:

Lack of access – the energy situation in developing countries can be dire. In Malawi for example, 90% of the population is off the grid and the remaining 10% don’t have access to consistent power. Over half of the current 1.06 billion people who still function without electricity live in sub-Saharan Africa.

Productivity- electric light improves the productivity of communities by providing additional hours of time through which they can complete tasks. This is particularly important for children who can use this time to increase educational and developmental outcomes.

Financial constraint- families spend large amounts of their income on candles, paraffin lamps and charging their phones at local shops. Solar solutions enable families to reduce their first year costs by 50% and to zero ongoing for the life of the product.

Poor health- candles and paraffin emit smoke in closed environments which is detrimental to long-term health.

In realising the seventh sustainable development goal, Project Everest Ventures has engaged in projects to enable access to alternate energy sources.

For Malawi this means providing basic access to the 90% of the population not connected to the national grid, ESCOM. For those who are connected power outages are a regular occurrence and thus solar can provide a back-up for lighting and phone charging.

As the most oil dependent country in the world, Project Everest is keenly interested in helping East Timor to diversify its energy sector and use more financially and environmentally sustainable energy resources.

Project Everest has assessed the supply, quality and cost of energy in Timor and Malawi, and as such, proposes an affordable off-grid energy solution aimed at social outcomes around energy security.

Small scale solar offers significant potential in solving the energy crisis from a developmental and environmental perspective.

Currently people in Malawi and Timor-Leste do not have access to reliable sources of energy and are unaware of any alternatives. This project is about providing communities with a solution that enables productivity, health, safety and financial benefits. Just the financial benefits alone alongside a compelling micro-financing option lowers the barriers to access and so this project works very closely with social consulting and micro-financing.

Largely the challenges the project faces are around scale as product market fit has been achieved with over 75 sales of the current product already. By developing smart, scalable methods to scale through digital means, systems/processes and access to financing methods the solution can reach a greater number of communities and make the greatest impact.

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