27 April 2020

PEV People: Leadership

Josh Blaymires

“You can have a positive, lasting impact on a person’s life in the smallest of moments.”

Role: Team Leader

Countries operated in: Cambodia, Fiji

Projects operated on: FarmEd and Social Consulting

Experience in 3 wordsInspiring, Challenging, Rewarding

What has been your greatest highlight?
Can’t narrow it down to a particular thing / event, but it would be backing your trekkers to put themselves in uncomfortable situations and watching them grow, succeed and become more confident.

What did you learn most from your PEV experience?
I’ve learnt that you can have a positive, lasting impact on a person’s life in the smallest of moments. Never underestimate the importance of your actions and words, because your belief and encouragement in an individual or your team can have a lasting impact on them striving to better themselves and to put themselves into tough situations whilst rising to the challenge. You are a constant source of support for both your team and all trekkers.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give future Team Leaders?
1. Respect comes before friendship. Start tough, gain your team’s respect and then ease off gradually.

2. Wake up in the morning with the thought of “what does my team need and how can I be there for them?” You are their be-all and end-all, and most of what they take away from project and their overall experience will be crafted by you.

3. Never, ever, be afraid to ask for help. Getting advice from other Team Leaders and your Senior Leaders will help you grow, it will give you new weapons in your arsenal, help you make better decisions and give you more experience. On the flip side, back yourself every single day, and if you make mistakes (which you will) acknowledge them, learn from them and move on.

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