20 April 2020

PEV People: Leadership

Izzy Kohout

“You will thank yourself endlessly, and grow like you can’t imagine.”

Role: Team Leader

Countries operated in: Malawi

Projects operated on: Health Consulting, and Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT)

Experience in 3 wordsClarifying, Invigorating, Strengthening

What has been your greatest highlight?
My greatest highlight would have to be seeing my trekkers grow from day one throughout the month. Having a teammate who, on day one, found it difficult to talk to more than one person at a time, going to pitch in front of 30 people confidently and calmly in week 4 is such a joy to see.

What did you learn most from your PEV experience?
The main thing I’ve learnt from PEV is the potential for the intersection of business and technology for impact, and where I see that fitting into my life. My experiences with PEV have definitely shaped my vision for my own future, and the space I see myself operating in!

What 3 pieces of advice would you give future Team Leaders?
1. It’s normal to feel like others have it together and it may seem like you’re the only one who is struggling. You’re not.

2. Soak it up, because your time Team Leading will absolutely fly.

3. Goals, goals, goals! We know how important these are as trekkers, and it’s important not to let it slip when you step into the TL role. Have your list, really think about what you want to develop over your time as a TL in-country and keep yourself accountable for developing these over your month. You will thank yourself endlessly, and grow like you can’t imagine.

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