The Sydney Morning Herald article didn’t just happen. Usually, people don’t think twice about what a random social enterprise is up to.

To toot our own horn,
we earnt it.

Growing 1000% last year wasn’t dumb luck, it was a combination of long days, constant hustle and good quality banter.
When Tink left the army wanting to do a better job than the big international aid organisations he knew what it would most likely take.

Well, sort of.

Can you really know what’s going to happen when building a social enterprise from the ground up?

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^ Your thoughts am I right?

The point is that we got there, $1 million dollars in revenue last year was a turning point for us. It proved this can work, that people want to join, and that we need to keep the foot on the gas.

If you don’t already know, Project Everest is a social enterprise.
We build sustainable business solutions to social issues in developing communities.

We rely on passionate Australian, Singaporean, and European university students to assist us in developing our ventures. This is because ultimately, today’s students will be the ones to solve these massive, pressing issues. It was the youth who put us on the moon, it will be the youth who solve world hunger.
Plus, we all know how much experience it takes to get a job these days….

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This is where Sydney Morning Herald stepped in. They wanted to talk about Tink, and our little social enterprise’s success.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Tink Acquired an 80% share of the company in 2015 and formed the business model whereby revenue is earned through the fees students pay to join us on a venture. With the value for students being an opportunity to find purpose, gain experience, get industry ready and join a tight community of talented people seeking to make a difference.

Plus, subject credit and OS-HELP loans (because classroom < practical)

We’ve come a long way, but we have much further to go. Still ‘eating glass and staring into the abyss’ as Elon would say.

Come with us on this journey,
There’s still plenty more to achieve.


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