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Why a health solution? 

Back in July, we conducted our inaugural month in Malawi, working towards a community health solution. 

That month proved to be highly successful with the team on the ground identifying the following key health issues:

  • Low health education
  • Congested healthcare system
  • Access barriers

After significant empathising and ideating, a potential health solution was identified in the form of a cognitive learning technology that aids in the process of diagnosis. Preliminary testing of these cognitive platforms inspired interest from various stakeholders and hence, a direction for the health project was formed.

A Potential Solution

The December team is currently testing a pre-diagnostic app to attain more data regarding its accuracy, efficiency and usability, hoping to capitalize on the technology and its development in the future.

Their aim is to create a sustainable health solution first with the local community of Blantyre, Malawi, and then scale across Africa.
Such a solution must: 

  • Allow autonomy over the way individuals seek care
  • Increase Malawian health literacy
  • Enable affordable, convenient access to health advice
  • Remove the physical barrier of congestion in healthcare









Photo: Claire Bushrod.Team leader Ella empathises with local women in Blantyre

State Of Health Clinics

We have re-established relationships with the NAYO clinic in Nancholi,
a clinic central to providing general medical services, palliative care and community care services to the community of Nancholi.

Clinics like the NAYO clinic typically receive 100-200 patients each day, with only one or two health professionals working at a time, a commonality throughout Blantyre’s healthcare system. With the addition of having limited resources, pharmaceutical supply chain disruptions and poor communication with pathology labs for results, this results a multitude of factors that are not conducive to providing adequate healthcare.

Avenues To Optimise A Rural Health Solution In Malawi

Being early stage, there are currently many possible avenues the project can take. Two currently being considered include:

1) The possibility of obtaining the API’s of existing medical diagnostic applications to facilitate the creations of our own minimal viable product pre-diagnosis application

2) Establishing a commercial partnership with medical businesses to act as foreign distributors of our product and receive a commision that is linked to their revenue streams.

Photo: Josh Marshall. December trekkers compare notes from conversation with the community










December Team’s Thoughts

This project’s success lies in our ability to assess the viability, accuracy and efficiency of these pre-diagnostic app’s in Malawi and hence our focus is currently on navigating the healthcare system to implement testing and begin building out a tangible health solution.

There are many areas of this project that have massive potential to affect more than just the health of Malawians. This includes:

  • Reducing frequency of unnecessary hospital visits
  • Reducing spending on unnecessary medication
  • Reducing side effects from unnecessary medication
  • Reducing spending on travel
  • Increasing autonomy for self-care self-education

The December team continue their tremendous work on designing the health solution with dedication, excitement and optimism in the wonderful country that is Malawi.

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