One of the services that we focus on is our Internships, the third pillar in the triangle-shaped structure of our organisation – ‘analogies’ is clearly not one of our pillars.

Increasingly corporates and universities are recognising that students are not prepared to effectively enter the workforce, with only a degree and theory-based learning from inside a lecture hall. With greater mobility learning opportunities, employers looking for evidence of work experience, and the necessity for a differentiator amongst the thousands of other fresh graduates, students are looking to gain skills and unique experiences that take the practice of their degree into the modern world – and have a great time while doing it.

Our Internships act as an ongoing connection between our training and the development of our social ventures, focused on developing hard and soft skills through hands on experiences tackling global social issues. Unlike a “traditional” internship – think photocopying, coffee orders, not much sunlight – ours operate for a period of 4, 8, or 12 weeks in either Fiji, Malawi, India or Timor-Leste. You’ll get to work with a team on a specific project that aligns with one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in doing so continue building a social venture with a sustainable and beneficial impact to the local community. You will experience interdisciplinary teamwork, actually apply of knowledge from your degree, build a range of soft skills that make delicious CV candy, and live and work with awesome other students while you’re at it. What more do you want from an internship experience?