What am  i  signing up for?

Internship? Work experience? Social entrepreneurship? If you’re not at least a bit confused about what you’re signing up for, you probably know more about Project Everest than we do.

The reason for this is that we are the only people that do what we do, and we keep pushing our practice to continually operate at the frontline of development. Our ventures are evolving, we’re improving our operations in Australia and overseas, and our training immersions seem to grow tenfold every semester. What we can guarantee, however, is that you’re signing up for an experience like no other.

If you are successful in your application and interviews for one of our projects, you’ll be required to attend a 2 day pre-departure training, and then an overseas internship of 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Some projects only operate in certain countries due to feasibility, viability, and the local infrastructure to implement a specific business model. Click here to see which projects are running in each country.  

As a trekker in country, you’ll be playing a hands-on role at the core of the venture development: working directly with the local community and iterating your product or service to ensure a locally tailored solution to the social issue. You, your team, and your leaders will be responsible for the the development of this startup at a grassroots level – pretty awesome, right?

Whilst your overall internship will be similar no matter which project you undertake and where, each experience differs based on country, project, leadership team, you team and your group. Not only will your work experience be different from others you graduate beside at university, it will even be unique alongside other people within Project Everest. So, whilst we could go into a whole lot more detail about your daily activities, how it feels living with a 20-40 other people, the best weekend activities in country, the huge personal and professional growth, and how delicious the local food is (hello 25c Timorese chicken skewers!), we won’t… so you’ll just have to trust us.