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We partner with Businesses and entrepreneurs to solve prevalent social issues in developing communities

My name is Fiona Aaron and I’m the Commercialisation Director for Project Everest Ventures. We help our clients test, validate and grow their idea, prototype or existing technology to achieve positive social impact. This enables you to apply your technology, products and services to solve social issues around the world.

As an Impact Partner, you’ll be able to test your product concepts more quickly, minimise risk and reduce costs by 50-70%. You can gain access to new markets while making a positive, global impact.

Your Product Or Service Could Solve
Important Problems Around The World

There are numerous debilitating social issues facing the world today – from poverty and extreme hunger to a lack of access to quality education. We use sustainable, scalable business strategies to test and validate technology designed to make a positive impact in developing communities facing these issues.

If you have an idea to help change the world, our team can help validate and implement it in a viable, cost-effective manner, ensuring genuine, long-term benefit is achieved. Your business can quickly become a positive force for change, helping to solve some of today’s most significant social challenges for good.

Access Everything You Need To Ensure
Your Social Impact Business Is Successful

We have experience creating successful social enterprises and have built a wide network of mentors, advisors and specialists. This includes a professional and experienced team of commercialisation and growth specialists, who can work with you to validate and explore the commercial and impact opportunities for your business.

Our team can assist with every aspect of creating a social enterprise, including branding, research, implementation and growth. You’ll have everything you need to launch a scalable and profitable venture that has a positive impact on people in need all over the world.

5 reasons to partner with project everest ventures…


The Scope And Ambition To Change The World
Over the next 20 years, we aim to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people and help alleviate poverty and hunger and improve access to quality education


Everything You Need To Launch A Sustainable And Impact Driven Business
Access mentors and stakeholders across a variety of developing markets, helping you to build a sustainable venture that makes a true social impact


Improve The Lives Of People Living In Poverty
Set up a sustainable and scalable business model which solves the challenging social issues that impact the 4 billion people living on less than $5 per day


Work With The Next Generation Of World Leaders
We work with hundreds of students from partner universities, all of whom have a diverse skill set and a willingness to make your social business a success


Create A Lasting Impact In Developing Communities
We are experts in validating business ideas and products in developing nations to ensure the project is viable enough to make a long-term impact

Reduce the time spent to validate your product or service by up to 10 months

Traditionally, it takes an entrepreneur around 18 months and $250,000 to validate their product and market fit and get to the stage where they are ready to raise capital. We have built a unique, tried-and-tested model which allows our clients to go through this process in approximately 8 months.

This includes several months of on the ground testing in up to 5 developing markets at a fraction of the cost. As well as comprehensive business planning and validation work to assist in preparation for capital raising activities. Our process will minimise the risk involved, ensure you spend less capital to research the viability of the project, and improve the chance of making a lasting, positive impact.

We can minimise the risks of your venture and help your business make a real difference

Sadly, many businesses which aim to make a social impact never make it past the initial development stages. This is due to a variety of reasons. For some, concept validation and market testing is too difficult (due to resourcing restraints, expensive, or poorly executed). For others, the perceived risk of a failed venture affecting other aspects of the business becomes too great.

Our role is to reduce these risks and give you the resources and strategies to overcome any obstacles you face. This maximises the chance of a successful impact strategy, enabling us to achieve our shared goal – to help those who need it most.

Impact partners typically reduce the costs of their social business by 50-70%

Many social impact businesses run over budget and are unable to make the project financially profitable. This can affect both the business and the community they were trying to enable. To ensure your idea can be implemented both efficiently and effectively, we will carefully examine all aspects of the project from the outset.

You can leverage our passion, expertise and network to transition from idea conception to implementation in a short timeframe. With our help, you’ll be able to decrease the costs of testing and validating your venture by 50% and increase the chance of a profitable business model.

Our collaborative market testing
and validation process minimises the
risk to your business

Our specialist team can work with you to minimise (or mitigate) some of the inherent risks that exist for businesses working with developing communities. By working collaboratively, our 3 step process will help develop your initial idea, find the ideal market for implementation and work out how to do so profitably, while ensuring genuine impact is achieved.

Initial Consultation
If you’re interested in discussing the development of your idea, prototype or existing technology to solve a global challenge, get in touch with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Validation And Market Fit
Our team will conduct a deep dive into your idea, look closely at the viability of the model and undergo substantial testing in up to 5 different markets.

Once we know the venture is feasible, we can begin putting the people and processes in place to turn the idea into a profitable, purpose-driven business.

Hear Why Businesses Love Being An Impact Partner

You guys are doing a really good thing because this changes lives

Seru, Village Pastor, Fiji

When I discovered Solar my business changed. Now I’m able to work past sundown and into the night; customers are able to see my stall and they are attracted to it by the lights…With the loan system, I can pay in small instalments. This makes the solar affordable for everyone. For villagers like me, the solar product is extremely useful. It allows people with no access to electricity to gain access to the social benefits light will bring.

Gift, local business owner, Malawi

If it was not of you I would not have achieved what I was aiming for in my business

Veronica, local business owner, Fiji

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