Has Anyone Done This Before?

Absolutely! So far we have had over 700 trekkers complete an international internship with us, with an increasing number of students staying on for 8 and 12 week periods after loving their first month. We’re also incredibly proud of the alumni community we have built around us as a result of awesome people aligning themselves with our mission.
We’re also incredibly proud of the alumni community we have built around us as a result of awesome people aligning themselves with our mission. We also have a growing percentage of trekkers who apply for further personal and professional development and to stay involved through our pathways, including Team and Senior Leadership, Business Development and consulting, recruitment, and project venture teams.

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Want more evidence? That’s fair, don’t take our word for it!

What. A. Month.

Going to Timor-Leste with Project Everest is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The amount you grow personally and professionally is unimaginable. All the leadership team works tirelessly, and all their energy is put into moving the project forward, and helping you achieve goals to benefit communities less fortunate then your own.

It’s a bonus that you will meet friends for life on the trip, all trekkers are like minded and have the underlying goal of helping people and pushing each other to be the best they can possibly be.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re are doing arts, law or engineering, Project Everest is for everyone. It develops your confidence, communication skills and allows you to think of creative and practical ways to solve social issues. There are also many opportunities to stay connected post project, and highlights how much Project Everest cares about those involved with them.

So, if you like adventure, but need a little push, Project Everest is for you! Nick Kappos

Trekker, Timor-Leste Jan 2018

The Project Everest leadership team is comprised of some of the most influential and capable leaders I have ever had the experience of working with. As a team, they strive for excellence and to reach the organisations overall goals, day by day. The ventures which they run are an experience of a lifetime with the opportunity to strengthen your skill set, whilst enabling you in fostering your own style of leadership through the resources provided.

Ali Oliveri

Trekker, Malawi, Dec 2017

If you’re looking for an experience to push yourself to the ultimate limits, or unsure of what your limits are. You’ll find them when your in country. It’s a tough month, but you’ll be supported by your team and your leaders. You’ll be asked what you want to get out of it and pushed to achieve it.

I had the most incredible experience in country and was actually surprised about how much power I personally had on making the project happen, as a student you don’t get many opportunities like this. I found I was actually applying the things I had learnt at University to a real life situation to make an actual difference in a community.

If you’re looking for personal development or a chance to test yourself, I found this experience a great opportunity to do so. Living in a developing country for a month with lots of other University students is tough, and you’re going to hate it at times, but you’ll leave feeling accomplished if you put everything you had into it. Edwina Jones

Trekker, Cambodia, July 2017

As an Engineering and Science student I am always on the lookout for experiences that give me an edge over my peers, something which spending a month in Fiji with Project Everest accomplished. Working on FarmEd Field Development was tough at times, but it was the basic accommodation, heat, insects and call to be a team player 24/7 that taught me so much. The community that I was with, from our leaders to the other “Trekkers”, were all extremely supportive and a pleasure to work with. Certainly not a holiday, I would recommend PE to anyone interested in doing meaningful work overseas while engaging in intense self-development at the same time.” Matt D’Souza

Trekker, Fiji, Dec 2017

We even have a number of our alumni who have gone on to use their experience with us to secure themselves a Grad position.

“Being engrossed in the PE community these last 2-years has been a whirlwind of experiences… I have definitely learned a multitude of things that I have and will continue to take into my personal endeavours and my professional journey. Not only have I learned how to drive a manual vehicle, but I grew an unusual admiration for admin and logistics. I was also thrown into the startup/business world, picking things up like financial modeling, rapid prototyping, fast failing, pivoting, prioritisation, empathising and so much more! As well as leadership, my overall experience has been a result of the diverse people in this community that I have had the pleasure of learning from and growing with. All these encounters have contributed to the footing and confidence I have in growing my own business, which I have been doing for over a year now!” Polina Pashkov

Founder, Stitch Hub

Throughout my time as both a Trekker and then as a Team Leader I grew and flexed skills that helped enable me in my life after university. The training for my leadership role in Malawi, and the nature of the exhausting but rewarding position, gave me confidence, the ability to adapt, stay cool under pressure and many other skills. More importantly, it gave me actual real life experiences to draw upon that I have been able to lean upon in my quest for work after uni. I was able to prove that I was able to work with major stakeholders, deal with management, had an understanding of business and was able to thrive in new situations. These foundations may have been present but, most definitely, were not the solid examples I have drawn upon today, and definitely helped me prepare for the job I’m in today. Emily Armstrong

Candidate Manager, Robert Walters Recruitment

In February 2017 I went to Fiji with Project Everest Ventures as a trekker. After returning from Fiji, I underwent team leader training and in July 2017 I led a team of university students in Timor Leste for 4 weeks. The leadership training at Project Everest Ventures is challenging, unique and empowering. Becoming further involved with Project Everest Ventures and having the opportunity to team lead in a developing country allowed me to develop immensely both personally and professionally. I believe that my time with Project Everest Ventures has given me a competitive advantage in post-university job applications and interviews as my responses focused on my experiences as a team leader throughout the process. Within a month of returning from team-leading I was offered a position with a Geo-Techincal Company and less than 6 months later I was offered a full-time position with the Australian Hydrographic Office as a Marine Information Officer. The interview panel were very impressed with my practical leadership experience and as a result I was offered a higher position in the organisation. Every year there are more and more university graduates looking for employment and with job hunting becoming more competitive it is becoming imperative to make your application and resume stand out; for me team leading with Project Everest Venture was how I achieved this. Kristy Bartell

Marine Information Officer, Australian Hydrographic Office

Don’t get me wrong, the 6 months I have spent overseas with PE have been some of the most enjoyable of my life. But it’s far more than that, in the total 6 months I spent overseas with PE, i was given more responsibility and trust than most are given  in their third year working at a full time graduate position.

The results? Countless. When I walk into a job interview I don’t even know which story to tell first. Leadership, empathy, logistics, communication, future thinking. And that’s not even taking into account the hard skills.

I am now 5 months into a new job at an experience design agency in Sydney and whilst it is far removed technically from the work at PE there are so many parallels that I draw upon every day. My experiences drive me to achieve bigger things all the time and honestly if it weren’t for my PE experiences I seriously don’t think i’d be in the same place. Kai Faulkner

Designer, Yakkazoo Pty Ltd

The PE leadership training allowed me develop an extraordinary set of skills that I have been able to apply in situations beyond being ‘in country’ and leading a team.

I have been able to provide a level of value, achieve some incredible goals and overcome challenges in my grad role beyond what I believe I ever could have prior to completing this leadership course. This program has provided me with skills and attributes that I will be able to carry with me and utilise throughout my entire career. Annika Netherton

Structural Engineer, Northrop Consulting Engineers

I’ve had my business for 2 years now, and for someone who had zero business background prior, it was a steep learning curve with lots of mistakes. Through training with PE (trekker training as well as leadership) and developing business solutions in country – it opened my eyes to whole new range of skills and knowledge I didn’t even know I wanted/needed. I have learnt business methodologies (design thinking and LSU) as well as more conventional business skills such as sales techniques, stakeholder management, marketing  and branding strategies which are invaluable to my business. While I would have been able to learn these things (and others) later, PE accelerated the process and taught it in a hands on and extremely enjoyable way. Because of my work with PE, I am also much more confident in my business and have a much better sense of where I see it heading in the future. Rebecca Pink

Founder, Plant One On Me

As a young uni student seeking adventure, leadership and personal development, Project Everest was a step into the unknown in many regards during my 2015 trekker training and initial project during February of 2016 in Uganda. Uncertainty was my known, around expectations, project specifics, team structure, deliverables and the extent of experience, training and future return on time investment. Without a doubt this experience has been the greatest plunge I’ve braved.

From workshops and immersive training in Australia to project delivery in developing communities across the globe, Project Everest has imbued within me a true sense of self awareness, team efficiency and capability enhancement as both a team player and leader. On one level (the 5th level!) I dreamed to grow as an individual but starting the journey I could not comprehend the depth of this growth. Personal awareness on strengths and weaknesses, personality and the ability to lead only scratch the surface in the context of what I have gained from Project Everest.

Since my exposure to the success formula of the Project Everest experience, I’ve departed university with a degree in engineering and, more importantly, demonstrated capability in a demanding team environment as both a team player and leader. These traits have been key to both scoring a post-grad. placement and building an early career in Project Management in the Engineering sector. There are few engineering graduates who transfer directly from undergraduate positions into Project Management roles and with a great amount of luck and my foundation from PE I’ve had the great pleasure to work across multiple consultancy organisations. The key to my success begins with the innate skill of knowing that one doesn’t need to be all-knowing but have the right attitude to positively contribute to real-world applications. In the world of competitive engineering this is key and the strengthening of this culture stems from PE.

I discovered my passion for leadership with Project Everest. From Trekker through to Team Leader Training (TLT) and Senior Leadership Training my ability to effectively lead a multidisciplinary team has contributed to my ability to work across multi-million-dollar projects with technically demanding scope and a cultural and age-diverse team and deliver. That is invaluable! My ability to step up, whilst was hidden deep within, has been realised by my experience at PE. Living the values of PE with those who embody the passion and ability to achieve our dreams is remarkably empowering.

I cannot recommend Project Everest more to budding students seeking to benefit the world (and their own future). From the greatest butcher of the 21st Century (in the literature world) “The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.”  – George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings. Don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you from making the most of this experience! Nick Kerr

May 2016

My journey with Project Everest Ventures began in the early months of 2017 – when I stepped off as a Trekker in Fiji working on the Fuel Assessment Project. Since then I can safely say that Project Everest Ventures is one of the only organisations which has made me feel alive. Since then I have gone on to become a Team Leader – leading a team of 8 students who accelerated the Social Consulting Venture – delivering Business workshops to 76 Fijian business women – greatly impacting their lives. During that time – we liaised with the various ministries such as education, unemployment and industry, formed partnerships with the South Pacific Business Development Bank and developed a business curriculum for the Technical College of Fiji – all in four weeks.

These types of results & opportunities are only made possible through the training, support & dedication demonstrated by the Project Everest Team. Currently going through their Senior Leadership Training, where I prepare to act as a Group Leader, I have started to see monumental links between the training & opportunities offered and how they have impacted my life outside of PEV.

The first is the people side – the formation of my own leadership philosophy and development of a strong network throughout the PEV alumni. The second is the projects side – relating to all areas of business development, in particular, capital raising, strategy & planning, cash flow management, lean startup and growth hacking. The true magic of these things are evident through the opportunities and experiences that begin to emerge as a result. This has been evident with the development of my own startups and community initiatives – being able to draw from experiences & wisdom from the alumni network as well as career-oriented opportunities such as internships, grad programs and even a recent invitation to the P&G 3-Day intensive CEO Challenge.

In reflection, it is safe to say that without the transformational experiences I’ve had throughout my journey with Project Everest Ventures have greatly contributed to not only the person I am today – but the person I hope to be tomorrow. Alex Winiarski