Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Everest Ventures?

Project Everest Ventures exists to solve social issues with a business model.

Social issues can be understood by looking at the Sustainable Development Goals, and the targets.

A business model can be understood by looking at a sustainable method of a service or product existing, without constant fundraising, or service to donors or elections. PEV is a certified Social Traders company, and is a certified B Corp.

PEV teams up with who we call Impact Partners. Impact Partners may be start-ups, researchers, anyone who has a solution to a social issue they want to scale. PEV takes these Impact Partners through our commercialisation process in order to increase their positive impact (get as many people in need to be able to access a solution they seek as quickly, as effectively, and affordably as possible).

Students are able to join PEV in this process through a few different programs (online, in Australia, or internationally). Students, or recent graduates, are then exposed to these incredible projects, are guided by our Leadership team, and come out the other end with a network, experience, and ready for their own start up concept, or grad role.

PEV runs Team Leader, and Senior Leader training in an incredibly immersive and challenging environment. If you come on board for the first time, and want to stick around, there is that further development, accredited training (recognised Certificate and Diploma), and paid Leadership positions available for experienced leaders.

We are a community of driven, passionate, action seeking individuals, interested in innovative solutions to global issues, and know we have a role to play.

Watch this video of Muhammad Yunus explaining “How to Approach Social Business” to understand ‘why business?’, and what a ‘social’ business is.

How are we different?

We started as a leadership training program, that focus is still core to each of our programs. We have been recognised for our work by B Corp, Social Traders, International SOS, Australian Financial Review, Grad Connection, and Singularity University. We don’t exist to run student internships, we exist to solve social issues with our Impact Partners, and we invite students, or recent grads, to join us.

Who We Are Not

  • We are not a charity
  • It’s not voluntourism
  • We don’t drop you off at a local orphanage or do study tours
  • It’s not Contiki or TopDeck
  • You’re not making coffee and filing papers
  • You’re not anyones PA
  • We are not EY, Deloitte or Aurecon
  • This is not your typical, graduate or paid placement
  • We are not focused on excessive profit – but the projects do need to be financially sustainable, and they need to exist without fundraising or donations
  • It’s not an airconditioned office – you’re in to get your hands dirty
  • We don’t have all the answers to these global issues, or all of the solutions, but we are in the process of working that out, you can be a part of that

Who We Are

  • We (and you) work on developing real solutions to real problems – none of them are theoretical
  • The problems are global and impact billions of people – finding even the smallest, simplest solution to these problems will create a huge, long-term impact
  • Taking on challenges that can’t be solved in just 12 days, but you can be part of building the solution
  • We expect everyone to show up to each day willing to do the work
  • We are there to push you professionally and personally
  • We are open about where the fees go – you are paying for your training, the facilities, access to industry and network, risk management, leadership, and logistical costs As you pay for any course, study, training, national or international travel, you pay for your PEV program
  • We pay our staff market wages, we do not agree with below average wages often associated with ethical employment like NFP or NGOs
  • We are assessed every 3 years to ensure our internal policies look after our people, we have policies to look after our sustainability and environment, and policies to ensure our work is ethical and exemperly
  • We carbon offset all staff and participants and everything BAU
  • We are young, passionate, and prepared to build a future we’ll live in for years to come
  • Not everything we try will work, we happily accept that
  • We welcome LGBTQIA+
  • We are Conscious of cultural bias, we recognise the traditional custodians of the land
  • We are secular
Where do we operate?

We have virtual programs, programs in rural and coastal Australia, and international programs. For the Global Impact Program, we have bases in Malawi, Timor-Leste, Fiji, and India. We have houses and staff there, who are committed to ensuring these projects succeed, and are appropriate for their communities.

Why should I apply for an Impact Program?
  • If you’re concerned with the state of the world, and you want to do something about it.
  • If you’re wondering what the process is to create your own business.
  • If you want to build a professional network.
  • If you know you need more than your study on your LinkedIn and Resume.
  • If you love purposeful travel and want to do something impactful with your time off.
  • If you believe the next generations can solve the global problems they inherited.
  • If you want to be a better team player.
  • If you want to learn how business can create impact.
  • If you want to be connected to industry leaders.
  • If you want to become a part of a community of leaders.
  • If you want to progress into Team Leader and Senior Leadership.
  • If you want to work with a social enterprise before kicking off your career.
  • If you want to learn about the challenges of international development.
  • If you want to want to understand how to apply your study in a practical way.
  • If you want to learn to work in a team with other disciplines.
  • If you want to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and see how you perform.
  • If you want to learn how to facilitate structured debriefs, give, and more importantly receive feedback.
  • If you want to ultimately apply for a position at PEV (we prioritise internal hire)

It’s important for you to figure out your ‘why’.

To learn about how to figure out your ‘why’ and why that’s important, check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk on ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

I am not a university student, can I still apply for an Impact Program?

Yes. We have under-grad students, post-grad students, recent grads, we have junior corporate groups. We talk a lot about ‘students’ as that has been our major cohort or participants, however anyone 18 – 34, keen to get experience, up for an adventure, happy to do the hard work, keen to meet other like-minded people, find what impactful work looks like, build their resume and LinkedIn are typically who we see involved.

We have domestic and international students from STEM, Business, Humanities, Law, Agriculture, Geography, Photography, Teaching… all and any are welcome. We believe in the power of multidisciplinary problem solving and working beyond silos.

Why are we a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is simply a business that has a socially beneficial product or service.

The ‘for profit’ means we are not funded by the government, and we don’t depend on raising money by fundraising or through grants. It doesn’t mean we exist to make huge profits for shareholders, all of our profit has been reinvested into the team and service, as you’d find with many B Corps.

The idea that business cannot ‘do good’ has to end, you’re letting business off the hook there. Business has been the issue for global problems like climate change, why shouldn’t business be a part of the solution?

Watch the video from NSW Government explaining the value of social business.

Read Deloitte’s explanation of social enterprise, and their take on how to thrive as an employee in a social enterprise.

What can I share with my parents, partners or guardians?

We are more than happy to speak to your parents, guardians, or anyone else that wants to know more about what we (and you) do on an Impact Program. Feel free to give them our phone number: +61 2 8188 4514 or this email address: [email protected]. Once they get in touch, they can speak to any of the staff or alumni and have any questions or concerns answered.

Can I speak with any of the students who have participated in the program before?

We encourage you to speak to the PEV alumni! Each of our staff has experience on the program and will share the highs and lows honestly. We want to make sure this is right for you. They are best to speak to about the application process, details on the projects, understanding the logistics from your first few days of training, to where you meet everyone in-country. The team will also give you genuine advice as to whether the program is right for you, and help you decide which program suits you best based on your passions, and personal and professional development.

Feel free to call our Sydney Head Office on: +61 2 8188 4514 or this email address: [email protected].

You can also read their reviews here:




Where do people generally go after PEV?

Our alumni have scored corporate internships and grad roles at Deloitte, Aurecon, Accenture,  KPMG, Google, BAE Systems, and more. Many have gone on to set up their own start-ups, attributing their confidence, leadership skills and business acumen from their time at PEV.

Is there a sample itinerary I can see?

Details, including a sample itinerary can be found on the programs here.

What recognition will I receive for participation in each program?

If you are completing our Rural Impact Program and complete all online and in person workshops, you will be awarded a Foundational Certificate in Business for Impact. This is uploaded to your LinkedIn and never expires! You will have access to mentors who will also help you make your LinkedIn account stand out from the crowd.

If you are completing our Virtual Impact Program, and you complete all modules with an average of 65% or higher grade, you will be awarded a Foundational Certificate of Social Consulting. This certificate is uploaded to Linkedin and never expires!

At the conclusion of the VIP you will be invited to present your findings to a panel of industry experts, and often even representatives of the impact partners you are working for who will give you tailored feedback! Throughout the VIP you also have access to teams who will help you tailor your LinkedIn to really stand out from the crowd.

Is there a program fee?

Yes, the cost is dependent on the program you choose and the program length. The details can be found here.

What are the payment plan options?

We offer a number of self-select installment options for our programs and can also create tailored installments to ensure that payments work for you. We also offer discount opportunities for those wanting to pay their fees upfront. Talk to one of our team to find out what options work best for you and your program.

Can I secure my program without paying a deposit?

No; to accept your position, and secure your place on an Impact Program, you must pay your deposit. Once you have paid, the position on that team and project is ensured. From there, you will have a specifically dedicated team member for the entire pre program administration and preparation process, they will hand you over to your Team Leader, who will then guide you through the program. The positions are filled on a rolling basis, so it is first come, first serve basis.

*Please note: Deposits are non-refundable. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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