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I strongly believe the reason I am working in AECOM is because Project Everest taught me the skills required to nail a job interview. The reason I’m promoted at AECOM is because PE taught me to be a leader and actively seek ways to improve the business.

Georgia H, Senior Leader

Since my exposure to the success formula of the Project Everest Ventures experience, I’ve departed university with a degree in engineering and, more importantly, demonstrated capability in a demanding team environment as both a team player and leader. These traits have been key to both scoring a postgrad placement and building an early career in Project Management in the Engineering sector

Nick K, Global Impact Program

Continually encouraged and challenged daily to reach my potential by like-minded individuals has increased my motivation for attaining an alternate/outside the box career path. Working in a role that aligns itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is an overarching career goal of mine and PEV do just that.

Adam M, Senior Leader

I’m so glad I decided to take part in PEV and I’ve formed lasting friendships with such a wonderful group of people, who all want to do something good in this world. PEV provides an environment for people to show their leadership potential, and not be limited by the fact that we are young, and that is truly special.

Emily C, Global Impact Program, Timor-Leste

I have never worked on something that made me feel ‘wow, I’m actually making a difference here’, not in my degree, nor when I was doing cancer research. The first time would have to be with the Project Everest Female Sanitation team.

Faith S, Global Impact Program, Malawi

I am currently majoring in Political Science, this degree along with the skills that I have learnt within the PEV program will assist me in first understanding how I can affect sustainable social impact. I have gained a better understanding on how not only I can make sustainable change, but also on a global level.

Sarah H, Virtual Impact Program

You guys are doing a really good thing because this changes lives

Seru, Village Pastor, Fiji

When I discovered Solar my business changed. Now I’m able to work past sundown and into the night; customers are able to see my stall and they are attracted to it by the lights…With the loan system, I can pay in small instalments. This makes the solar affordable for everyone. For villagers like me, the solar product is extremely useful. It allows people with no access to electricity to gain access to the social benefits light will bring.

Gift, local business owner, Malawi

If it was not of you I would not have achieved what I was aiming for in my business

Veronica, local business owner, Fiji

It’s very, very good. I don’t have problems when menstruating anymore, I am very happy!…I can even go to work or church without having problems – I can do everything!

Maria, on using our menstrual cups, Malawi

The whole leadership journey has been incredibly rewarding and valuable to my self-development. To stay involved with the company has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Haziq A, Senior Leader

The experience of Team Leadership Training is like nothing you could ever experience anywhere else. The structure and planning that goes towards facilitating your personal growth and development is immense. I learnt so much about myself and my own capabilities, in an environment which is supportive, encouraging and intense. Team Leadership Training was by far, the best investment I have made in myself to date.

Maddy L, Senior Leader

Project Everest’s training program covered all grounds in terms of theoretical knowledge, in country advice and practical challenges. It was great to learn more about the driving values of Project Everest and not only their role in achieving sustainable development goals but how I can help in this process. Every challenge came with a lesson and it was a fantastic overall experience.

Will A, Team Leader

This is a great experience for anyone wanting professional and personal development, as well as the chance to experience something completely different.

Riley C, Global Impact Program, India

The greatest experience while trekking is the people you meet. They are the best thing about PEV, because everyone is here for the same reason and all want to do something positive.

Nicholas M, Global Impact Program, India

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