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Absolutely incredible. Taking the challenge to spend a month in Timor was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It is like no other internship and I am beyond grateful that I was able to have this experience. From the amount of personal and professional development I and others saw in myself, to interactions with locals, seeing positive social impact through the work I was doing and the amazing friendships I was able to forge, I will never forget my time here. I could not recommend getting involved with PEV enough.
Sian Baynham
06:02 29 Feb 20
My month in India was an incredible experience. Being able to fully immerse yourself in the culture by living in the community is like no other experience. The friends I've made in country are now great friends back in Australia. This is a great experience for anyone wanting professional and personal development, aswell as the chance to experience something completely different.
Riley Clarke
05:18 28 Feb 20
PEV is an amazing experience that really allowed me to develop so many of my skills. Whether it was working on projects, going out surveying, spending time with friends or seeing the sights, I have had an amazing month full of activities and personal growth. I highly recommend everyone to get on board this experience!
Priya Balakrishnan
05:09 28 Feb 20
My month in Fiji was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had. I never imagined myself going on such a project overseas to make sustainable impacts towards a developing country. You really get massive opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Immersing in the beautiful culture and being with some of the best people really helped maximise my experience. Would highly recommend
Ian Zhou
23:22 30 Jan 20
My month with Project Everest in India has been an incredible experience that has helped me develop so much personally and professionally. As an engineering/science student, I really appreciate the opportunity to learn so much about business from a social enterprise point of view - and how innovative technology can help drive social change. The opportunities for developing your professional soft skills are really well designed and executed. Would highly recommend if you are keen to experience living in a foreign country, elevate your professional skills and trek with a bunch of other amazing people!
Cameron Wong
04:11 29 Jan 20
Facilitates professional and personal development through project work, pitch practises and allowing each trekker to be a team leader for one day. Highly recommend this for those who want to be more prepared for a future career while simultaneously building a network and immersing themselves in a new culture and environment.
Hashini Ratnayake Gamage
02:46 29 Jan 20
Project Everest gives you the internship of a LIFETIME. No matter who you are or what you're studying, there is a project for you that will develop your personal and professional skills. You learn things at Project Everest that you cannot at university, and it's these things that push you over the edge when you graduate and apply for jobs. Not only this, but your development and social project is guided by a team of highly trained leaders, who are often uni students and young professionals just like us! I am so grateful for my overwhelmingly positive experience with PEV, if you want to get the most of your uni experience, apply as soon as you can and see what happens. You will NOT regret it.
India Pinkney
04:27 21 Dec 19
Trekking for a month in a developing country with some strangers sounds like an odd concept. But it is honestly one of the best experiences I have subjected myself to, loads of personal and professional growth. Whilst also being able to develop business skills that will transfer later into my life.
Connor Price Wilson
04:12 21 Dec 19
Project Everest was an amazing experience for me. It was the perfect combination of hard work and heaps of fun! It's been super beneficial in my personal and professional development.
Sarah Dight
03:57 21 Dec 19
Project Everest really does challenge you personally and professionally. You learn a lot of soft skills which you cannot experience in your ordinary internships. I enjoyed every moment in Fiji.
01:41 21 Dec 19
Being in project has been one of the best experiences that happened to me so far. It has been incredibly great
Fiji Workhub
01:40 21 Dec 19
My month with Project Everest has been the best time of my life. It has allowed me to grow so much personally and mentally. The leaders are nice enough to also welcome my jokes about mutiny and taking over the leadership. Would recommend
Harry Roach
01:39 21 Dec 19
I have experienced a lot through the month in Fiji and has grown a lot both personally and professionally. PEV has given me a great chance to work Internationally at a developing country and do hands on work in country. It was such a great journey.
Vivienne Yeung
01:38 21 Dec 19
Really unique opportunities for uni students to create measurable social impacts overseas. Loved every minute and every challenge.
Sinead Good
01:37 21 Dec 19
Project Everest creates opportunities for university students to make an impact in developing countries. It was an amazing month and I'm really going to miss all the friends i made and the people i got to connect with in Fiji.
Alanah Cianci
01:37 21 Dec 19
Loved every minute of my project in Fiji. I was able to develop a number of soft skills and work on my own personal development while getting some credit towards my degree.
Billy Goodwin
01:29 21 Dec 19
Sick people, was in Fiji with them for 1 month very professional and character building. Highly recommend if your into going out of your comfort zone.
Maxwell Bruce
01:27 21 Dec 19
- The people at Project Everest are incredible. They are so passionate and genuinely care about getting the best out of everyone and learning along the way - it is a vibe truly unlike any other! The leaders are some of the funnest and most amazing people you will ever meet - and they truly sacrificed a lot to take us on an incredible journey.
Jessica Ward
13:07 27 Jul 19
My month spent trekking in India has been fantastic for both my professional and personal growth. PEV's business model of solving world issues through social enterprise is an incredible approach, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. It has also helped develop me as a person, as I have more confidence, have gained the ability to trust my instincts and work as part of a team. There has also been the added bonus of living with 26 fantastic people and making some incredible memories that I will cherish for life!!
jess Cooper
03:47 27 Jul 19
The experience was enriching in the sense that I was able to push myself in tough situations, whilst being able to support others to follow with the team ethos. There were often obstacles and barriers which prevented us from doing our jobs perfectly but hey, if everything is perfect, you won't learn anything. This experience has helped me to see India from a completely new perspective; the hustle to live, the real people - a new face of culture that you probably won't get to experience in typical holidays abroad. Working with 24 other amazing people who all have different personalities and beliefs, yet working towards the same goal in challenging conditions, I managed to learn how I as an individual can make a difference.
Chris Tom
03:35 27 Jul 19
They work hard to make student teams feel like teams rather than strangers working together. At first I was very uncertain about joining up due to costs and time spent away from home but I have really enjoyed the experience. The leaders worked hard to make sure morale was high, tasks were clear and that goals were met. Even when we did not perfectly hit our end of month goal they were still very supportive and got us to write about how we created a solid foundation for the next team to start working. Only real catch is that you will definitely not be staying in hotel conditions, get used to hot weather, unreliable power, bottled water and bathrooms shared between 4 people. If you are willingly to work hard with others then Project Everest Ventures is definitely worth investigating
03:35 27 Jul 19
World class professional experience and training in a unique environment.If you take part in their internships you will improve your skills dramatically and make life long friends with like minded people all over Australia. I now have connections and a couch to crash on in almost every major city in Australia.
Lochlan Gilling
03:32 27 Jul 19
Trekking with Project Everest was very much an experience where you get out what you put in. Being thrown into the deep end of running a startup was difficult but also immensely rewarding, and knowing that the business was socially beneficial kept me motivated to ensure the project succeeded. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, where the personal and professional development you get out of it is really worthwhile.
Christopher Pianca
02:12 27 Jul 19
Over the month of July, the experiences that I have been able to have I wont forget. Being able to push myself in a setting that is nothing like what I have done in Australia has been wonderful. I was enabled to develop my soft skills, such as leadership, communication, and resilience, which will help me both in a professional and personal capacity. I would highly recommend the PEV month in country, and I wish I had even one more week to enjoy the life and people.
jake hawkins
23:33 26 Jul 19
Project Everest Ventures (PEV) has provided me with the opportunity to develop soft skills in leadership, teamwork, adaptability, resilience and initiative. Over the month we learnt the ins and outs of the lean canvas model, working towards sustainable and autonomous projects that benefit the community and the business. The support and opportunities to implement our studies into a working scenario will have a positive impact on my future career progression. The opportunity to lead the team for a day gave an amazing insight to the work our leaders do day to day and building on our leadership skills. We met amazing people, experienced cultural events and saw the different sides Fiji has to offer.
Rhys Taylor
23:32 26 Jul 19
My month in Fiji with Project Everest, was absolutely incredible. I met the absolute best people from all around Australia. I learnt so many things about myself, Fiji, and social issues within Fiji. The leaders being so young were very relatable and approachable and were always up for a bit of fun. However they were wise beyond their years, and were able to smoothly operate 50 students in a developing country. I would definitely recommend Project Everest, if you are super keen on having the best month working in another country.
Bridget Harrington
21:01 26 Jul 19
An awesome experience. Made many new friends and had a great time doing something that will hopefully have an impact on developing villages.
Matthew Nicolson
07:39 01 Jul 19
My experience with Project Everest Ventures has been absolutely life-changing! Despite the trek being only 2 weeks long I learned so many things during this trip, most of which were about myself and the ways in which I could grow. The challenges that I faced on a personal and professional basis really pushed me to understand myself better so that I could improve and to really dive into and embrace the work that we were doing. This trip has opened up a whole new gateway to me in terms of the direction I want to take myself and my personal and professional development. Being involved with Project Everest gave me an eye-opening glimpse into another culture and the different challenges it faces. This experience was incredible and I am so grateful that I did it, could r recommend it more and am excited to do more!
Shelley Robson
06:13 28 Jun 19
I would describe my experience with project as a roller coaster of emotions. It really did push our boundaries but also gave us tools to use and grow from. It was challenging in terms of learning patience, time management, adaptability. Lily was phenomenal, she evokes all the traits of a true leader. She was very understanding never had anything bad to say even if she did it would be in a constructive way. She had a way of understanding everyone's emotions and just lifting us up. She saw potential in all of us and gave us the support needed. Overall my experience with Project Everest Ventures was truly a big learning curve and something to remember for a lifetime. I would definitely recommend Project Everest Ventures.
Sangiawi Singut
04:39 28 Jun 19
Leadership for me has always been about people and Project Everest Ventures has nailed down the concept of leadership as a company and community. I have never met a group of individuals as wholesome and committed as the leadership community at PEV. From the trainees to the trainers, every single individual is committed to the development of others and themselves. The whole leadership journey has been incredibly rewarding and valuable to my self-development. To stay involved with the company has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Haziq Ahmed
00:56 09 Jun 19
Team Leadership Training was one of the best experiences I have had while living in Australia. The level of immersion that they achieve and the sheer focus they put on ensuring you develop as a leader is second to none. Despite being one of the hardest experiences I have had, I would hands down do it all over if I could.
Jamie Butler
13:55 02 May 19
No one can ever prepare you for team leadership training with Project Everest. I never thought I could learn so much about myself in such a short period of time. It put me into my most raw state and I can guarantee I am leaving as a completely different person, but the changes I have seen in myself have absolutely been for the best. The people who lead and support you through it are there for your learning and development 100%, and it inspires me how much effort they put into this and how much they truly do care. Just like my time with Project Everest overseas, I am leaving this training feeling completely inspired and determined to continue to seek such amazing challenges and opportunities.
Alice Callagher
04:46 30 Apr 19
Team Leadership Training with PEV is unlike anything I have done before. It allows those that participate to grow and learn in an environment that is challenging and yet incredibly supportive. The amount of time invested in you by previous leaders was humbling in the way they were all there to bring out the best in you. I think think they do this training in a very effective, hands on way that will challenge you on so many levels, but at every point in the process I knew it was all for my own benefit.
B Casey
04:30 30 Apr 19
The experience of Team Leadership Training, is like nothing you could ever experience anywhere else. The structure and planning that goes towards facilitating your personal growth and development is immense. I learnt so much about myself and my own capabilities, in an environment which is supportive, encouraging and intense. Team Leadership Training was by far, the best investment I have made in myself to date.
Madeleine Laws
04:23 30 Apr 19
By far the most challenging experience I have had in my life, the amount of personal growth and development I received from this experience has been immeasurable
william tandany
04:17 30 Apr 19
In my time that I've been lucky to have being involved with Project Everest Ventures I have developed so much as an individual because of the work that they do. I did not know what to expect heading on trek or into TLT which has made my leadership journey all the more valuable. The work that PEV does as a social enterprise inspires me to create an positive impact in society and I am so grateful for the experience i have shared with them.
Shaun Smith
04:16 30 Apr 19
Project Everest believes and invests in the teams that runs the organisation. They facilitate this by providing specialised training to encourage growth and provide feedback. By building leaders, i believe that PEV will make a huge impact within the world and i feel very fortunate to have worked with them.
Olivia Dressler-Smith
04:13 30 Apr 19
I have recently spent two months with PEV on project in Malawi and can with all honesty say that it has been both one of the personally most challenging as well as rewarding experiences. I want to highlight that while working in country I was introduced to a variety of business methodologies and equipped with new practice-oriented tools, with regard to public speaking, problem-solving, leadership and communication.Overall, PEV provides you with the opportunity to experience a country and its culture in a very unique way. You work together with people from a variety of different backgrounds and can use your own ideas and knowledge to push social enterprise projects forward. Therefore, I can highly recommend to get involved with PEV.
Sebastian Arnold
22:09 06 Feb 19
I have been involved with Project Everest Ventures for almost a year now, and I genuinely believe it has been one of my most formative and educational experiences. The people you meet and get to work with, the training and the work you get to do overseas are invaluable and something I've never seen done anywhere else.
Felix Zerbib
22:20 24 Jan 19
My time in Malawi with Project Everest was without a doubt one of the most challenging, but rewarding months I've ever had! It's incredible the amount of growth you see within yourself and the friendships formed during your time in country are lifelong. Project Everest gives you such a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and gain real life experiences within a developing country, and I could not recommend it more highly!
Madeleine McArthur
08:25 30 Dec 18
I can safely say my involvement with Project Everest Ventures is the best decision I've made as a university student. The experience I've had has been nothing but positive, and the skills I've gained both as a Trekker and a Team Leader have given me the inspiration to continue to pursue a career that I am passionate about. Landing in Timor-Leste for the first time as a Trekker, I had no idea I'd come away with such amazing pitching, leadership, engineering and business knowledge from the passionate people I was surrounded by in country. Returning as a Team Leader, I was given the opportunity and support to have my own positive influence on my team and develop myself as a leader, with my own leadership style. In terms of being able to be directly involved with real, long-term, positive change, PEV is second to none!
Thomas de Heus
12:13 11 Sep 18
Working with PEV truly is an unrivalled experienced. From starting out as a Trekker to moving into a Business Consultant position I've learned so many skills which I couldn't have obtained elsewhere. Working in country is hands on and can push you to your limit, but only then can you stretch your comfort zone and grow. Would recommend PEV to anyone and everyone.
Caity Touzell
05:14 16 Aug 18
My trekking experience with Project Everest has been nothing short of enlightening. I was surrounded by motivated trekkers and leaders fully committed to our goals and the betterment of the community around us. It was very heartening to see the emphasis that is placed upon empathizing and remaining transparent with the people in Fiji, ensuring that we're truly doing something that is needed. Being a trekker has taught me strong work ethics, a need to live by the values that I preach, and has only increased my passion for sustainable development. Taking an internship with Project Everest if you want to travel, learn about building a business that is rooted in making a positive social impact - you'll grow in ways you never imagined!!
Tanushree Thapa
20:53 27 Jul 18
Genuinely one of the best experiences of my entire life. My decision to go on a Cambodian venture was rash and spontaneous, so I hadn't expected to develop as much as I did during my incredible month. I formed amazing relationships with absolutely wonderful people who I will always treasure. PE also hugely enhanced my public speaking and leadership skills, which continues to benefit my life significantly. It has given me newfound confidence to achieve more than I thought I could, and anyone else who embarks on a venture with PE could feel the same.
Stephanie Tan
08:27 21 Jun 18
Project Everest’s training program covered all grounds in terms of theoretical knowledge, in country advice and practical challenges. It was great to learn more about the driving values of Project Everest and not only their role in achieving sustainable development goals but how I can help in this process. Every challenge came with a lesson and it was a fantastic overall experience.
Will Abbey
04:23 27 May 18
Had a fun and challenging weekend over the trekker training. It is really cool to be able use our skills and knowledge (from Uni and the training) through a series of scenarios, knowing that we will be able to make a Social impact in a-month time.
Jakob Voo
04:23 27 May 18
I went into Trekker Training quite skeptical over details and what I would be doing but the weekend training changed that all. Despite the lack of sleep, the whole weekend was structured in a way that made it easy to understand what was to occur in country. The use of staff and support was really well done and it does shock you at first but you'll feel a genuine, infectious buzz from them. The timings of some activities could be better spread out. Overall, the Trekker Training would significantly improve your view and understanding of PE and lead to a deeper appreciation of their business.
Jayanth Paranji
04:20 27 May 18
My training at Project Everest has been challenging and exciting and fruitful and I look forward to the field project. My fellow trekkers and I are really pushed beyond our comfort zones as we get to learn a wide range of skills such as business planning, marketing, personal development, and more. I am also really impressed by the staff’s professionalism and how they are so dedicated to our well being.
04:08 27 May 18
Project Everest is an amazing organisation that empowers you with the skills, autonomy and community to make a difference in a meanigful way. I trekked earlier this year in Cambodia and have just completed the week long Business Development Training before returning on another project later this year. Both experiences we're absolutely amazing! I have never been so challenged, pushed to my limits and shown that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. The worst part is returning back to your everyday life and realizing just how much more from it you want. I highly recommend PE for anybody as a life experience and even more so for those who are looking for an opportunity to generate real social change in our world!
Sapphire Loebler
20:13 26 Apr 18
The team at Project Everest are some of the most dedicated and generous individuals I have ever encountered. Always willing to share knowledge and help out where possible.All the staff are friendly and maintain strong family values which is so rare in a business environment. Yet, they remain exemplary professionals in each of their respective fields and are always up for a challenge.I can not speak higher of Project Everest.
Jess Girardi
06:11 01 Mar 18
I have never experienced anything quite as fun and beneficial on both a personal and professional level. I trekked in Timor-Leste and I can testify it is one of the best experiences of my life. I gained confidence, business skills and countless other benefits.I could not recommend Project Everest enough to anyone out there who is looking for adventure while changing the world and growing in every way at the same time.
Sam Whalley
22:22 07 Feb 18
What.A.Month.Going to Timor-Leste with Project Everest is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The amount you grow personally and professionally is unimaginable. All the leadership team works tirelessly, and all their energy is put into moving the project forward, and helping you achieve goals to benefit communities less fortunate then your own.It’s a bonus that you will meet friends for life on the trip, all trekkers are like minded and have the underlying goal of helping people and pushing each other to be the best they can possibly be. It doesn’t matter whether you’re are doing arts, law or engineering, Project Everest is for everyone. It develops your confidence, communication skills and allows you to think of creative and practical ways to solve social issues. There are also many opportunities to stay connected post project, and highlights how much Project Everest cares about those involved with them. So, if you like adventure, but need a little push, Project Everest is for you!
Nikolaos Kappos
01:16 01 Feb 18
Going away with Project Everest to Timor-Leste was an experience I'll never forget. The way they have conducted themselves in country as well as in Australia in their professionalism, passion, hustle, and genuine care for the trekkers is something to be truly admired. I was continually encouraged to grow both personally and professionally within an environment which always felt safe. If you're looking for personal growth or just trying to get that accreditation or work experience, I can't recommend Project Everest enough.
Tim Phillips
05:20 31 Jan 18
Working with Project Everest has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only are the leadership team highly professional and capable, they are also fun, passionate and inspiring individuals who it is a pleasure to be around. The culture of PE is such that I would highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in growing professionally and personally. The leadership skills you will develop are the best that I have come across, and the experience and skills you will gain through real life application of working on a business cannot be valued highly enough. Skills from all university degrees are useful in this endeavour. PE is making such a positive impact in working towards achieving the UN's sustainable development goals, I highly recommend the experience of working with PE to anyone interested in personal growth, challenge, fun, and bettering the world.
Jessica Hunter
04:19 31 Jan 18
As an Engineering and Science student I am always on the lookout for experiences that give me an edge over my peers, something which spending a month in Fiji with Project Everest accomplished. Working on FarmEd Field Development was tough at times, but it was the basic accommodation, heat, insects and call to be a team player 24/7 that taught me so much. The community that I was with, from our leaders to the other “Trekkers”, were all extremely supportive and a pleasure to work with. Certainly not a holiday, I would recommend PE to anyone interested in doing meaningful work overseas while engaging in intense self-development at the same time.
Matthew D'Souza
09:29 28 Dec 17
My Social Consulting project at Project Everest was an experience I cannot forget! Having the opportunity to apply knowledge from my university degree practically and witnessing the impact to the local community of Fiji was amazing! There were many late nights, long days, early starts and tough weeks. The program isn't made for someone expecting a one month holiday. It's made to build you, test you and deliver sustainable results. I would highly recommend Project Everest to anyone looking to gain practical experience combined with the opportunity to live overseas.
Thien B
22:44 24 Dec 17
The Project Everest leadership team is comprised of some of the most influential and capable leaders I have ever had the experience of working with. As a team, they strive for excellence and to reach the organisations overall goals, day by day. The ventures which they run are an experience of a life time with the opportunity to strengthen your skill set, whilst enabling you in fostering your own style of leadership through the resources provided. Throughout the past month, I've had the privilege to be a part of this team on the ground in Malawi. People will often say this may be cliche, but it truly is the people who work beside you that make the time worth while. Whilst in country, I have been lucky to be part of such an inspiration group, who have influenced me in becoming the best possible version of myself. For anyone thinking of joining the team, I recommend you do it without fault, as it is truly one of the most challenging but incredible things you will ever do.
alla jade
09:54 24 Dec 17
Being a Project Everest trekker has been my most enriching experience by far. Working on the FarmEd project as a multidisciplinary team not only gave me exposure to the running of a lean, sustainable business model, but also gave me the opportunity to develop various skills whilst being surrounded by an amazing group of people who have continued to inspire me day after day. Project Everest has demonstrated that people lie at the core of delivering business solutions that effectively address social issues. The leadership team sets measurable goals, enable autonomy and ensure timely impact assessment, as such, empowering leaders to be built through this experiential learning process.
Katherine Han
08:03 24 Dec 17
It's not everyday that you get a chance to practice an area of interest in a foreign environment. I believe that, 'everything happens for a reason'. Some call it dumb luck, others call it being in the right place at the right time. Upon learning about Project Everest, I was instantly captivated by the thought of working in Fiji as part of the only social consulting team across the entire company. Little did I know or expect that Project Everest would extend me an official offer less than a week after our first interaction. There's a reason why people constantly use the cliche that 'the people made the experience unforgettable'. It's because without the people, an experience would be solely based on the individual self (which is absolutely acceptable if you're on a spiritual journey of discovering the individual self). The other members of the team, the project and the company wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for each individual coming together with their varying talents and quirks to make the entire experience worth repeating. To those who are thinking about coming on board, my message to you is to do your own research, stay true to your passions and follow your gut. The people you meet will change your life forever. They might even save your life.
Esmond Ye
06:29 24 Dec 17
It has been an amazing summer going on a venture with Project Everest. The venture with Project Everest is not easy but it will develop you. You will be placed in a team to learn how to and solve complex issues in developing countries through social business. You will be exposed to several business methodologies such as Lean Start-up and different ways of thinking (i,e Design thinking & moonshot thinking). You will be trained to pitch in front of a crowd and to potential business prospects. In our first week at Timor-Leste we have already started pitching to real businesses and have succeeded in getting businesses on-board customers. Throughout the venture, we were running our social business to make it sustainable while creating a positive social impact. The personal development I went through in this 1 month cannot be described in words. I left the project with more confidence and better interpersonal skills. I highly recommended this to anyone who is interested in self development and highly motivated to create positive social impact
Alex Ng
10:00 23 Dec 17
My experience with Project Everest has been one of the most challenging and beneficial experiences. Challenging because you experience things that make you super uncomfortable. By learning to get through the uncomfortable situations and learning how to control the situation to make it more comfortable for you, was something I never thought I would learn in life. We cruise by and ignore situations if they get too hard because no one likes sticky situations and we choose to ignore them. But Project Everest pushes you so when these situations arise you are aware and will be able to control yourself and how you react or behave to it. Overall Project Everest encourages you to push yourself, allowing you to perform to your full potential. This experience has been beneficial because it is an experience you do not get at university and its something you cant learn through a power point in class. When you get out your comfort zone and go through the emotions, challenges, you are able open yourself up and you would be amazed how much you can benefit from that.
soni lawson
07:44 03 Nov 17
My time with Project Everest has led to some of the most rewarding, exciting and influential experiences of my life. My overseas trek in Cambodia in July, as well as Team Leadership Training in September have both assisted my development in communication, team work, leadership and business methodology. I wholeheartedly believe the opportunities provided for uni students by PE are the only ones of their kind and will be of immense benefit for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge, skills and friendship base! PE's two biggest assets are definitely their team and their training. Their attention to detail and commitment make your PE journey so much easier; and the training provided prior to your first trek, in conjunction with the first hand experience you gain in country will aid your personal development greatly. This is only intensified if you chose to continue training and growing with PE. Granted, going on a trek can seem a daunting and costly experience, but I cannot stress enough how worthwhile it has been to me.
Connor Moon
09:59 02 Nov 17
Project Everest provides an excellent opportunity for extensive personal and professional development. The intensive training prepares you for a challenging but rewarding experience working on a projects focused on making a difference in developing countries. You'll also meet heaps of awesome other people who will become your friends for life.
Jock Willoughby
07:15 31 Oct 17
The leadership training with Project Everest is one of the most unique experiences an individual can go through. My outlook on tasks and life in general now has completely changed. I now have a better understanding of the incredibly broad scope of issues that can arise in any situation, and how to deal with them. You are put in a position that you could not EVER pre-conceive. That discomfort is what you feel in real pressure situations and to now understand techniques on how to mitigate these issues is invaluable.
Isaac Crawford
07:14 31 Oct 17
Team Leadership Training with Project Everest was one of the best personal development experiences I have gone through. They challenge you in ways you wouldn't imagine and showcased to me my strengths in weaknesses as a leader. I honestly do not know how they pull of a training this good!
eugenia hutton
07:14 31 Oct 17
If you’re looking for an experience to push yourself to the ultimate limits, or unsure of what your limits are. You’ll find them when your in country. It’s a tough month, but you’ll be supported by your team and your leaders. You’ll be asked what you want to get out of it and pushed to achieve it. I had the most incredible experience in country and was actually surprised about how much power I personally had on making the project happen, as a student you don’t get many opportunities like this. I found I was actually applying the things I had learnt at University to a real life situation to make an actual difference in a community. If you’re looking for personal development or a chance to test yourself, I found this experience a great opportunity to do so. Living in a developing country for a month with lots of other University students is tough, and you’re going to hate it at times, but you’ll leave feeling accomplished if you put everything you had into it.
Edwina Jones
07:11 31 Oct 17
The overall weekend as a whole was run in an incredibly professional but also an enjoyable way. The presentations were run very successfully within the given time fragments and the presenters showed obvious enthusiasm making the potentially dry content move in a more quick and engaging manner. The practical tasks were extremely helpful and gave a good idea of the challenge's we may be posed with when in country due to the professional and helpful support of the Project Everest Staff. The Food and Venue were amazing. My only critique would be that the Equipment List was rather vague in terms of what items were needed which could be improved by adding 'pen and notepad' to the list and also using a visual image for what kind of glow stick was required, also the pillow could be listed as a preference as a pillow was already provided which negated the need for me to bring one from home. Overall an amazing weekend
William Atkinson
03:32 29 Oct 17
My experience as a Trekker with Project Everest was truly life changing. Being in an environment where everyone is striving to physically, mentally and emotionally push the limit really catalyses the process of personal development. Whats more, my team and I endeavoured on this journey of personal and professional growth whilst simultaneously creating positive and sustainable impact in the communities we collaborated with. I strongly believe that what Project Everest offers cannot be matched: the unique combination of experiencing country like the locals, team building, operating business, understanding entrepreneurship and implementing initiatives aligned with the UN sustainable development goals. I will certainly be back!
Justin Biceski
11:14 02 Aug 17
I have been left absolutely speechless after the month I have experienced with Project Everest! I have never been placed with so many like minded individuals who all share the same passion (if not more) and determination to hustle in a month while in country.I joined Project Everest wanting to make a difference in the world and as cliche as that may sound, you really do make a difference! Project Everest values millennials and gives you the ability to dictate where your project goes. The environment Project Everest creates is so nurturing and supportive and provides you with many opportunities for self development. This was one of the best experiences I have ever done and would not regret anything.If you are considering in going on project with Project Everest, I 100% would recommend.
Krystal Kennedy
23:56 27 Jul 17
At trekker training we were engaged in activities to help prepare us for our time in country. We were placed into unexpected situations and had to work as a team to overcome various scenarios. The skills learnt over the weekend can be applied to your university degrees and will encourage growth in your personal development as a person and as a leader. It has been a great experience and I believe those who attend this training will be thoroughly prepared for their project in country.My time in Fiji has been an absolute incredible experience. I met some of the best people in my life, whilst working on a fuel assessment project. These people will remain some of my closest friends and as a team we smashed our part of the project. The past month has been extremely rewarding as we were trying to solve real world problems.I would recommend Project Everest to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world, improve yourself and meet some great people along the way, venture on and get involved.
Joshua Ward
23:06 27 Jul 17
I set out on project in Fiji with no idea what I was getting myself into. I returned with a changed perspective and a new outlook on the world. Personally and intellectually project will challenge you to push yourself. Having now been through team leadership training I feel a part of a community of people so driven to improve themselves and the world. It is like nothing I have ever been apart of.
Alexandra Staples
03:08 22 Jul 17
During my weekend I gained more knowledge then some full semester at University gave me. This may a reflection of my procrastination, however, I believe that it illustrates Project Everest's ability to get you engaged, active and keep your mind open. The information sessions were clear and enthusiastic, with knowledgeable project leaders teaching you everything from first aid training to social business. Honestly, I never thought I'd be running up and down hills to find fictional villages, find 'missing' team members, 'apply' first aid, build a prototype of water filtration systems and boot camp all in a weekend. Thank you for a wonderful time!
Emily Armstrong
03:30 01 Jun 17
Prior to working on a project overseas with Project Everest, trekkers are required to attend trekker training. This is a weekend event whereby trekkers are introduced to the wider cohort and their team leaders whilst also learning about building social enterprises through presentations and participating in activities that require design thinking to address the case provided.Over this weekend, I have met a cohort of like-minded, passionate individuals that want to initiate positive social change through the various projects. I have sat through presentations given by inspirational speakers with content I know will equip me for my Project as well as in my career. Having just arrived back from trekker training, I can honestly say that I am feeling excited to work with my team on our project in a month's time. I feel assured knowing that I am in the capable and experienced hands of my team and group leader and am eager for us to work together.Based on my experience of trekker training, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn, develop their leadership and be a part of a group of amazing people.Last but not least, the food provided over the weekend was excellent!
Larissa Steele
22:54 28 May 17
Project Everest runs an excellent program for students looking to get more out of their time at Uni! PE Provides amazing personal, and leadership development through an experience impossible to be matched in a classroom.After completing a month of developing a socially beneficial enterprise overseas as a ‘Trekker’, Project Everest also allows students to continue growing personal skills with additional leadership training, enabling them to lead teams of ventures overseas. Through these extensive training programs, it is evident that PE personally cares about their Trekkers, and takes the role of Team Leaders very seriously. It is fantastic to be apart of a company that feels more like a family than a business.
Harry Telford
03:34 17 May 17
If you want to leave your comfort zone, experience intensive self-development, open your eyes to new possibilities, have fantastic experiences and meet some bloody brilliant people along the way; Project Everest should be your answer. I can't stress enough the extent to which my skills have developed through project Everest. If I left tomorrow and all this ended, I'm in such a better position now than I was 6 months ago that I feel as though there is no one I couldn't convince to put me on their team. I am now surrounded by the most fantastic, like-minded people and it is an incredible feeling.
Corey Middleton
23:28 16 May 17
I've had an amazing experience as a trekker and embarking on Team Leadership training with Project Everest. I love that I can surround myself with like-minded people that are passionate about making social change. This experience is truly unique as it enables you and your team to create an ongoing, sustainable and positive impact in developing countries. The Team Leader training was an extremely challenging experience that has equipped me with practical leadership skills and enabled personal growth.
Daniella Foley
07:51 16 May 17
Going on project was one of the best decisions I've ever made.That one short month developed my personal and professional capabilities more than what I thought was possible. The Project Everest team is made up of incredibly passionate people looking to make a difference, and being able to work next to them is an enriching experience by itself. I would highly recommend Everest to anyone looking to push themselves and make a difference.
Ash Xu
02:47 12 Mar 17
My month in Fiji with Project Everest has been challenging but worthwhile and rewarding. I was able to deepen my knowledge of fuel sources as well as improve on my confidence and communication skills and also had the change to improve my leadership skills. I worked in a diverse team from a range of backgrounds that I wouldn’t have worked with in any other context and through this learnt more about myself.I really enjoyed being a trekker with a company that focuses on sustainability and long term achievements. I found that Project Everest took impact assessments serious to ensure that we mitigate any potential negative impacts and cultural awareness and sensitivity played a huge role in all our work. Would highly recommended getting involved
Kristen Bartell
05:41 24 Feb 17
If you want to truly make a difference in the world this is the opportunity for you. I went on the Fiji Fuel Assessment with no prior knowledge about fuel, but was able to learn so much from visiting villages. In turn, I was able to contribute to the research and building of ideas that will help Project Everest provide socially beneficial services and products for those in the developing world that need it. Would recommend this to anyone! Such an eye opening experience, and with a great bunch of people.
Caitlin Bloor
00:04 31 Jan 17
My experience with Project Everest so far has been nothing short of amazing. Surrounding yourself with like-minded budding entrepreneurs driving social change motivates you to want to get involved and see what you're capable of doing both on your own and with others. I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Cambodia FarmEd food security project which gave me the opportunity to apply my agricultural and business knowledge to the venture. Having the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture not only improves your cultural literacy and appreciation, but it develops a side in you that wants to venture on towards social change alongside your current team, the previous tram and the future team. All this, of course, stems from the leadership program Project Everest implements to ensure the high quality and standards are consistently applied across all projects to develops leaders in social business. For me, this is key for making sustainable solutions and I'm so keen for the times and adventures that lies ahead
Ned L
08:57 28 Jan 17
Going on project with Project Everest has been one of the best personal/professional development experiences I have had. I have left this venture with experiences and new skills which I will take forward into my personal and professional life going forward which I know will make me more successful in my career. I appreciate everything PE did to make the trip fun, comfortable and enjoyable and they made me feel supported and engaged the entire time. Could not recommend enough!
Amelia Gartner
23:22 27 Jan 17