Dissatisfaction. Most of us have no idea how to deal with it, and an even smaller number of us will actually do anything to change the feeling even if we do, because a lot of the time it means stepping away from conventional norms. It might be that we don’t exactly identify what it is that is leaving us feeling like we are floating, or unsatisfied. But isn’t doing just that what pushes us to our potential?

My dissatisfaction came in the form of my first uni degree – Architecture. It was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be.  As a young kid, I was good at building stuff with Lego, and so my parents planted the idea in my head that I should do architecture. But the degree had nothing to do with building stuff, at least in the initial semester.  I was learning about theory and history which did nothing to press my buttons, so I dropped out.  Now through my work at Global Game Changers it’s become apparent that I’m certainly not the only one who’s been in that position. The hard part for most people, as it was for me, is accepting that the school > uni > job pathway that they were told is the way to success, sometimes just doesn’t work for everyone. And further, it’s about realising that not fitting that mould doesn’t make you a failure.

University is a tough gig for most people, and if you are someone who thrives off practical learning, then it can be made even harder due to traditional universities predominantly teaching in a really academic way. Ultimately, I think it’s this dissatisfaction that led me to work at Global Game Changers, and I know it’s what has caused many students that I’ve spoken to to jump ship.

Our passion is education, plain and simple. From our collective experiences during our own time at universities and throughout our professional careers we have all felt this dissatisfaction in higher education at some point, and so it makes sense that we have all converged here, working to spread the word about a different path of tertiary education, one that we all wish existed when we were going through the process that many of you are, or are about to go through.

Declan Cutler

GGC Ambassador

Global Game Changers




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