20 July 2020

Day In the Life of a Trekker

Virtual Impact Program

by Sean Tran

0630 My alarm goes off. It’s winter in Melbourne so I always try to stay in the coziness of my blanket just a bit longer. First thing I do in the morning is to scroll through my Spotify playlist, trying to find a song that just feels right for the day. Today feels like a “How Far We’ve Come – by Matchbox Twenty” kinda day.

0645 Finally get out of bed, I go to the kitchen to put on the kettle for some coffee. While I wait, I go to my garden to water my lemon tree. The lemons are nice and big, but they still need another week to ripen.


0700 Coffee is in my system, now it’s time for some light exercise. Since COVID-19 struck, all the gyms are closed so I got creative to plan my training with just resistant bands and my own bodyweight. I always try to exercise everyday to keep my body active, given that lockdown causes everyone to stay home, there’s not much chance to go out.

0740 Breakfast. I make myself another cup of coffee with some toasts and two sunny side up eggs, it’s a workday so I try to keep it simple.

0745 Breakfast is finished, now I go through the notes of what has been completed the day before and work out what my most important tasks (MIT) of the day are. When doing this, we aim to have 3 MITs maximum to ensure that we are able to complete them individually or collaboratively without overloading ourselves. This is done through a discussion with the team where we talk about how important each task is on the ranking, 1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest; and prioritise the ones with higher ranking.

0830 Morning meeting, my team adopted this model from the Global Impact Program. The aim of this meeting is to discuss with your team about what each other’s MITs are and if there is anything blocking the team member from completing it. With the latter, the whole team will help the individual with a way to overcome that block.

0900 Online workshop, with lockdown restrictions in place, zoom meetings have become the norm. Within the program wew are exposed to numerous industry experts whom we meet via Zoom. Today, we are meeting Deven Billimoria, the former CEO of Smartgroup Corporation. He is here today to talk about his journey into the business world and how to create impactful businesses from the start up page. These industry speakers and workshops included in the program create an interactive journey where the learners can have their inputs and not just have one sided communication.

1115 The workshop with Deven finished 30 minutes ago and my team decided to give ourselves a little break before coming back together for another Zoom call. We aim to do this after every workshop as there are modules within Practera – the learning software we are using – that involves working as a team to answer questions related to the workshop.

After finishing the module, we then discuss how we should split our time between working as a team and working individually. The reason for this is to avoid social burnout, because of lockdown, social interactions are heavily reduced, so too much of it so abruptly can cause overload.

1300 Lunch, each member of my team spends different amounts of time for their lunch, one prefers not to eat, another prefers a quick lunch like a sandwich. Myself, I want to keep my nutritions up given that I live by myself and can’t afford to get sick. However, I give myself 10 minutes to make my lunch as a way to challenge myself to cook a good meal within that time frame.

1500 Another Zoom meeting! The team meets back again to discuss the work they have done and the work in progress. This is when we go into more specifics on which section of their task they are particularly struggling with. For me, it was self-doubt on whether or not our recommendations are appropriate for our project. To overcome this, my team suggests we should consult Deven, whom we met earlier today. Thus, we managed to book in a meeting with him two days later. IT’S GOING TO BE SO EXCITING!

1700 Final meeting of the day! During this meeting, we talk about which MIT is completed and which one is leftover. If an MIT is left unfinished, it becomes work for tomorrow or for the dedicated, overtime work. This is when the team winds down and laughs about something funny that might happen during the day. We then finish up by deciding on what time the morning meeting for tomorrow should start given that we don’t have any workshop. This is where I admire the flexibility of working in the Virtual Impact Program, as long as you can get the work done, you and your team have full control of the working hours.

1800 Dinner, even though we can’t have dinner together as a team like in the Global Impact Program, we still share pictures and recipes of what we had. Today, I made roasted potatoes with creamy mushrooms sauce.

2100 Relax time. I use this time to play games with my friends online or continue watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the third time.

2230 Bedtime, lights off, blanket on, and I go to bed, my mind wanders to what the team can achieve the upcoming days of the project.

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