Business Development Training

An immersive experience aimed at expanding your understanding of business concepts, growth hacking and applications for a real-world sense. A practical approach to exploring potential solutions to current global issues.

Sydney, Australia

There are no remote options for Immersion, you are required to attend your immersion and workshops in person. For workshops, remote participants will join in online via Hangouts or Zoom (links to be sent to you during the week prior):


Immersion Date:

Thursday 25 April 2019 – Tuesday 30 April 2019, inclusive.

Workshops (NSW):

1730-2100 AEST Monday 6th & 13th May 2019


AUD$3,290 (incl. GST)

Value For You

Start Up Toolkit

There is a heavy focus on preparing businesses for venture capital raising, lean startup methods, marketing, growth hacking and scaling up. This will all be taught to you with a large amount of time dedicated to retaining and applying this knowledge in a commercial and start up setting for both developing and developed countries. You will gain the confidence to start a business from scratch through a proven toolkit.

Experiential Learning

Business Development Training is 90% practical based, simulated in a foreign country context, designed to challenge you to adapt, illustrate resilience and think critically under pressure. You will physically move about in a simulated foreign environment and be required to develop a business from scratch to commercialisation over the course of the immersion. This format of learning is an incredibly effective way to ensure you retain the core methodologies and allows you to practice them within a supportive environment.

Social Impact

 The greatest challenge in international development is sustainability of impact. You will gain the self-satisfaction at being able to know how to deliver tangible social impact in the developing world over the long-term. By using methods which have stood the test of time.

Employability skills

Improve your odds significantly on getting the job you want earlier through proven skills and results. Your knowledge and application in startup methodology will set you apart from your peers and place you in a position to lead initiatives in this space. Employer’s also state that your ability to get along well with others is a quality they look for across all hires. You will have proven this and more by working in a close knit team overseas carrying out one of the hardest business tasks. It is difficult to build a startup, to do this even in the face of failure demonstrates these valuable qualities of character.

Development Support

Preparing you for in-country you have access to personnel that have been working in or with start-ups for years. They have proven their ability to turn ideas into million dollar companies and beyond. These personnel will introduce you to new concepts and ways of thinking, while acting as a resource throughout the week and beyond. The support they offer you is unprecedented and probably unheard of throughout any other training you have experienced in this field.


97% of the world’s productivity is achieved through commercial means- through business. Social enterprise is the commercial means to achieve a socially purposeful outcome. A key component to achieving that end is business skills.

Project Everest™ recognises the value of building strong business skills in its team members. That is why we have developed the business development pathway- to advance social outcomes through strong business teams. It commences with an intense immersive training period over 6 days where everything you do is practical and applicable to the real world. You will then have the opportunity to put those advanced skills to use in country over 1 month where you build traction and document this to prove it to the external market. It is the pathway to commercialising the skills learnt through your degree.

Business development training is taking your passion for what you have worked on in country and advancing it through to commercialisation. This is about learning from the best and applying it to social outcomes. It is for those who want to get serious about impact and are willing to make it happen for the communities and also for their own future. The standards are tough but they are achievable.

Business Development Training is split into three (3) parts:

  1. Immersion Period Training (6 Days)
  2. Business Workshop
  3. International Business Consultant Placement (4 week long placement)*

* You being able to complete this component is completely dependent on two factors and any offer of place to undertake Business Development Training does not mean you will be offered a place as a Business Consultant. The two factors are:

  1. Your performance during the Immersion Period Training
  2. The operational requirements for Project Everest™ Ventures

Immersive Period Training

Business Development Training is conducted in a simulated foreign environment where participants are required to engage with community members and carry a business with guidance through to the venture capital raising stage. It is intense, challenging, and transformative and will have you completely outside your comfort zone.

We can provide a support letter outlining the value of the Training for students to apply for special consideration. We recognise there may be some overlap, it’s your responsibility to approach your subject coordinator and pitch the value of this training to allow for consideration, this has been done multiple times previously and has not been an issue.

Time: Sunrise to Sunset.

Location: TBA a minimum of 3 days prior to the Immersion Period Training commencing – within two hours of Sydney CBD – remote applicants will be required to travel to Sydney. Yes, we already know of the location and yes, we are holding it on purpose.

The Cost

Consider how much it would be worth to you to have the confidence, know-how and experience in building a social enterprise? What if it was done internationally as well? This course has been designed in consultation with Slingshot Ventures which is the number 1 accelerator in Australia 2017. To give you context corporates pay over $1m for their chosen startups to go through the training and mentor component of a slingshot accelerator. External entrepreneurship courses like those through Torrens University are around $15,000.

The Business Development pathway can see you developing a startup towards funding and growth with you as part of that team. By proving results at each stage, you could be pitching to external investors and getting one-on-one mentoring through our graduate incubator program. This pathway could lead to equity in a PE venture as part of a team as you graduate university.

We see this as a co-investment. The better you are at developing businesses the greater success we have with our ventures and social impact. We are vested in you succeeding but we also recognise the autonomy you require to make this a success.

This value is demonstrated in the support you will have during training, throughout 1 month overseas with Project Everest™ and in the ongoing remuneration you will gain should you be able to prove traction externally. We see this as providing a lot of value to you in the medium-term to prepare you for a much greater possible return to yourself and our community in the longer-term.

Because of this partnership, the investment required from you is far below the value of the training. We require from you in return the commitment to invest in yourself and see the development of both ours and potentially your future venture.

Business Development Training: AUD$3,290 (incl. GST)*

* Each price point includes an AUD$300 placement fee. This placement fee is refunded if you are unsuccessful during your Immersion Period Training.

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