Kickstart a successful and meaningful career in just 12 days, creating real social impact for rural Aussie communities. 

Looking for hands-on, purpose-driven work experience without the boring 9-5 internship like everyone else? Why shouldn’t you? This is your chance to gain practical, real-world experience; apply your degree to solving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; and master the essential EQ skills to set you apart from the sea of graduates.

Program overview

Our Rural Impact Program is a value-packed 12 day immersion like no other. You’ll learn and apply the principles of social entrepreneurship for cutting-edge tech companies and shape sustainable and exponential impact for communities in rural Northern Australia. Combining both online learning and hands-on experiential training, you are guaranteed to upskill both personally and professionally alongside a team of other top, change-driving students.

Opportunities to shape long-term positive change using social business solutions in rural Australian communities are incredibly rare – let alone getting to do it whilst gaining valuable work experience. Along with this completely unique insight into the world of development, here’s why  our Rural Impact Program is the smartest decision you can make while at uni: 

Implement your degree in a real world context

Because whilst almost anyone can get a degree, very few get to apply it to actually making a difference.

Get a taste of real, purpose-driven consulting

Alongside social enterprises tackling everything from ag-tech and food security, to AI-driven anti-poaching, through to accessible solutions for the vision-impaired.

Collaborate alongside local communities and stakeholders 

To ensure that you’re creating genuine, tailored, and needed solutions that provide real benefit.

Build a professional network filled with global game-changers

With bonus elective units such as Social Including talented, entrepreneurial students from around the world, to the CEOs of social enterprises and tech companies. 

Gain a breadth of unique and unmatched industry exposure

You could be running interviews and engaging with local communities one day, and attending meetings with government officials, NGOs or startups the next, meaning every day is totally unique.

Developing killer leadership skills through practical experience

From communication, to decision-making, these essential project and people management skills will set you up for a thriving future career.

Know that your work is making a certified impact

As a B Corp and Social Traders organisation, you’re part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good, and every part of your program is channeled towards purpose.   

This program offered by Project Everest Ventures is, put simply, one of a kind. In my life, I have never had another experience from any institution that teaches the same professional and personal skills in a safe but raw environment. Throughout the program, I was pushed out of my comfort zone to learn and collaborate with others, visit rural villages below the poverty line, and visit government facilities to see the source of some of the problems. All these experiences are good by themselves but, I think the thing which makes this internship stand out from others, is the way that they run workshops before and after any activities (in an informal fashion) so that we can know what to expect as well as learn from the experience. Now this does sound tedious I will admit, but the way PEV runs it, it really isn’t. All in all, this internship was amazing and when asked to provide feedback, I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything negative to say – I loved every second of it!”

Nic Seeto

B Engineering (Honours), B Aviation

The Projects

Connecting young change-makers and technology partners you will be testing social enterprise solutions in real world contexts at the very early stages. This is an opportunity to deeply understand our community members and work with them to develop meaningful social impact. 



February 1 – 12 2021

June 28 – July 9, 2021

July 12 – 23, 2021 




4ize manufacturers flat pack prescription spectacles at minimal cost, able to be prescribed by anyone who has undergone a simple 30 minute training process, increasing access and affordability to ophthalmology.

UNSDGs targeted:

3 Good Health and Wellbeing, 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth


PicSeePal creates low-tech, affordable, durable, and customised AAC devices that allow non-speaking or speaking-impaired people to be included in the global conversation. 

UNSDGs targeted:

10 Reduced Inequalities

Shark Management & AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence-powered shark observation for swimmer protection in collaboration with Archangel Imaging.

UNSDGs targeted:

14 Life Below Water

Agricultural Data Consulting – DArT

DArT addresses permaculture, genoming and sustainable agriculture across the developed and developing world using state of the art technology.

UNSDGs targeted:

2 Zero Hunger, 15 Life on Land

One of a Kind

This is an opportunity that will not only arm you with critical skills in consulting, emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, and teamwork, but it’s an experience that will challenge your ideas of what you’re capable of and what your future career could be like….this we guarantee.

We, as an organisation, believe that social impact is the future of business across the globe.

We believe in democritising the access to make that impact, and proving it through experiential learning. You are the future leaders who will drive this change and if you are building your future career to make a difference then this could be the place for you”

Wade Tink, General Manager | Co-Founder

Get Involved

We believe that tackling global issues won’t be achieved by doing what’s always been done before…are you up for the challenge?

Apply now for the internship of a lifetime; book in a call to activate your application and start shaping real impact.